If your yard is lined with gigantic trees, one of the greatest risks for your home property or even safety is a fallen tree. It can happen because the tree is dying and weak or already dead. It can also occur due to major storm damage. The risk of a tree falling in your yard cannot be ignored. But what do you do when the tree actually falls in your yard?

What do you do next?

If a tree falls in the yard due to poor health conditions or after being uprooted by a storm, it’s more than just an aesthetic issue. A fallen tree can cause inconvenience and injuries and must be removed on an emergency basis. Tree removal service providers like Stumps ‘R’ Us can help clear fallen trees from the yard on an immediate basis.

Today, we will tell you the steps you need to take before reaching out to a tree removal expert. We will also inform you how you should be careful about the possibility of tree damage and why you should be cautious. So keep reading!

Steps to Take if A Tree Falls in Your Yard

When a tree falls in your yard, there are a few critical steps that you need to take from your end before a tree removal company offers its emergency services. Here’s what you need to do.

a) Examine the Situation from a Distance.

As soon as a tree falls, there’s a lot to panic about, like power cuts, sounds of breakage and crashes, screams from scared people, etc. Once you have ensured that the people around you are safe, examine the situation from a distance. Make an evacuation plan if needed. Call emergency tree services if required.

b) Assess Property Damage.

A comprehensive assessment is needed to know what type of damage has been caused by a large tree to a property. One of the most common destruction caused by a large tree is roof damage. It may also harm windows and doors, sheds, etc. A thorough evaluation is crucial to find out any structural damage.

c) Check for Electrical Damages.

A fallen tree can cause enormous harm to utility, telephone, and power lines. So, if a tree falls in your yard, check these lines and determine if the tree or its dead branches have caused any severe damage to the lines. Broken lines must be approached with caution by experts only to avoid injuries if they are active.

d) Take Photographs.

Taking photos is essential before reaching out to a tree remover, emergency service provider, electricity company, or insurance provider. Photos will document the damages and effectively support your narration of the situation when you make a claim. Thus, you can safely remove the fallen tree without stress.

e) Call Your Insurance Agent.

Get in touch with your insurance company if a healthy tree from your yard or your neighbor’s yard falls as a result of a natural disaster and causes damage to your property. You and your insurance company will also have to cover the cost if an evidently dying or a dead tree in your yard harms a neighbor’s property.

Once you have taken these steps, it’s time to call a tree removal service provider and clear the yard. Inspecting the damages caused also helps evaluate the dangerous conditions and determine if you need appropriate professionals for repair work or other expert services. After all, a fallen tree brings more liability than you may imagine.

Prevent Trees from Falling

It is one thing when a perfectly healthy tree falls because of severe weather conditions. Predicting and preventing such a situation can be tricky. However, if your yard has a tree that’s damaged, dying, ailing, or weak, you can contact professionals to cable a damaged tree or trim tree branches.

A professional arborist will be able to assess the condition of the old and large trees in your yard and tell you about their health conditions. They can give you appropriate advice regarding the care of existing trees. In the worst situation, you must have the entire tree axed down.

Removal of Fallen Trees

You should also inspect the yard’s trees after a tree has fallen. This service can be performed by an arborist – as well as the tree removal service provider that you hire to clean your yard if a tree falls in your yard. It is crucial to be proactive about other trees in the yard after a storm, as well.

A fallen tree and a storm are not just harmful to wires or properties. They damage or weaken other trees in the yard. Weakened trees may cause an accident the next time there are severe weather conditions or natural disasters. Tree removers can detect potential hazards and prevent a dangerous situation.

You must also monitor the trees in your neighbor’s yard. Seek professional help to find out if any of their trees are a threat to your property. If required, take pictures and send your neighbor a legal notice. If they don’t take steps and the tree falls, you’ll have sufficient proof to make an insurance claim.

Contact Stumps ‘R’ Us for Professional Tree Removal Services.

A fallen tree in the yard can be quite a challenge. It is not just unsightly and inconvenient but also dangerous. Even if there is no damage to your (or the neighbor’s) property or wires and lines, cleaning the yard and eliminating the chances of hidden or further damage is essential.

One of the best tree removal service providers in Ontario Canada is Stumps ‘R’ Us. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a dead or weak tree that has fallen in your yard, we can help take care of the situation. We take complete care of your convenience and safety.

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We have a team of experts to take care of the situation. Furthermore, we use the latest technology and advanced power tools to ensure that the fallen tree is removed efficiently – with minimal extra cost. So contact us TODAY with the necessary information – and enjoy stress-free removal services.

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