Stumps ‘R’ Us tree service professionals, deal with stump and tree removal every day. We have over a decade of experience being the trusted name for the Middlesex and Elgin Ontario regions.

We specialize in providing reliable, affordable and insured tree removal as well as a full range of tree care services to our customers. Our team provides 24 hours emergency response within the Southwestern Ontario, using our various heavy equipment, and even a lift or boom truck when needed.

Stumps ‘R’ Us have been trusted by our clients for all aspects of tree work, due to our solid reputation and online reviews. People certified arborists for tree removal. We pride ourselves on having high-end equipment and tools such as wood chippers, stump grinders, chainsaws, trimmers, and personal protective equipment for our crew. Our gear is kept in top condition as safety for our crew members and your family is our top concern.

List of Our Local Tree Services

We conduct complete tree care ranging from the following services:

Tree Service Team

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Beautiful Trees are an essential component of a home improvement project. They are the basic component of life, and our environment. We all know that trees absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, adds beauty to the landscape, and produces oxygen. Additionally, trees provide ecological benefits such as flood control, soil erosion, mitigate climate change, purify air and habitat for animals.

Stump grinding and removal

You require the right equipment to remove large tree stumps. We provide professional stump grinding using our machines that easily take care of the troublesome task of stump removal. Tree stumps that are up to a depth of 18 inches are removed safely with our grinding equipment. Our team can work in tight areas, close to foundations, planting beds, and work safe. After stump is ground down you be left with some wood chips and indent in the ground. We will provide extra services to clean up the stump area and replace them with topsoil and grass seed.

Stump grinding and removal estimates are free. The pricing of stump grinding is dependent on the diameter of the stump. Note that the diameter is based on the stump and not the tree from which it was cut. Stump grinding and removal prices vary based on the location of the tree. You may contact us, the tree service professionals with any questions and get a free estimate.


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Complete Tree Take Down

A permit is required to cut trees with a diameter of 30 cm or more on private property. We work to get the tree permit on your behalf so that you have complete peace of mind. We provide professional tree service to commercial sectors as well. No matter if its a residential or commercial contract, we provide outstanding service. When you need to take down a tree close to cottages, campers, or homes. We send the best trained people in the industry for the task.

A comprehensive tree removal plan can make the difference between serious injury or even death. In addition to our special equipment that reduces any risks to your property or yourself, years of training and experience is what truly sets us apart from other tree service companies.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Dangerous tree removal projects should be of extra concern to homeowners. Dead limbs and branches can fall and cause property damage or a fatal injury. Removal of limbs, that have grown in the wrong direction protects healthy trees. Keep tree branches around four feet away from house eaves troughs or your home.

We have the expertise in dangerous tree take down gained from serving in the area. Trees can carry disease and sometimes these things are hard to diagnose alone. If you are concerned with a tree on your yard, and suspect it has some form of disease, call Joe at Stumps “R” Us for an evaluation.

If other trees are close to the endangered one, we recommend a full take down as it can harm the others, and can negatively affect other parts of your landscaping.

Storm or Wind-Damaged Trees

During periods of strong winds, trees may get damaged by storms. Fallen limbs may prevent you from accessing your home, or may have caused damage to your property. We have a 24/7 storm response team that is available for emergency tree services. They are experts in handling these types of events such as unexpected storms bringing down trees or the removal of large broken limbs.

We advise our customers to protect trees from storm damage by conducting several simple tasks like pruning, pest management, removing contaminated branches, properly watering, protecting the roots from rot, and avoiding other plants too close to the base.

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Always consult Stumps “R” Us the tree service company tree in Southwestern Ontario. Our local tree service professionals are ready, trained and willing to get the work done for you safely.

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