Use These 6 Tips to Find a Great Tree Removal Service in Ontario

Finding capable tree removal services across Ontario makes the difference between a happy customer or a bad accident. Many companies offer tree services, but not all have the trusted experience to excel at it. Most customers hope to discover capable tree care experts by looking around online. Yet they sometimes experience challenges selecting a well-qualified arborist.

Have you searched for  “Trusted tree services in St. Thomas Ontario” recently? What did you see? Stumps R Us as the clear choice with many 5-star positive reviews.  Please consider using these six tips to locate the best tree removal service when getting quotes. When property owners select tree trimming companies with care, they improve their ability to showcase their landscaping to its best!

1. Select a Firm Offering Service Within Your Local Area

First, consider searching for a contractor in your local community. Many companies offer tree removal services in Ontario. However, these businesses sometimes vary widely in their coverage areas and their quality of work. Using a tree service based outside of your local area might result in paying hefty travel fees. By selecting a locally based company, you’ll obtain responsive service without paying expensive additional transportation charges.

Here is a list of our service area:

  • St Thomas
  • Talbotville
  • London
  • Lynhurst
  • New Sarum
  • Crossly Hunter
  • Candyville
  • Alymer
  • Shedden
  • Fingal
  • Port Stanley
  • Harrietsville


2. Choose a Well-Equipped Tree Removal Company

Second, try and find a company willing to invest in modern tools and expert tree equipment. Paying a tree company to remove a tree using a hand saw instead of expensive power tools won’t likely result in lower prices. In fact, you’ll probably pay more due to the extended labor costs. A well-equipped stump grinding machine offers rapid, seamless service.


3. Call an Experienced & Trusted Stump Removal Company

Third, it makes sense to seek a contractor capable of completely removing every part of a dead tree from your property (including the stump). Leaving the remnants of tree trunks in the ground won’t allow you to mow the lawn and are an eyesore. Many stumps decay over the course of months or years, but this only invites insects onto the yard. Property owners who obtain stump grinding and removal discover they regain the full use of their lawn. Additionally, insisting upon total tree takedown may help deter some other land animals from taking up residence in your yard.


4. Hire an Insured Tree Removal Service

Fourth, today Canadian businesses and homeowners should consider selecting only insured tree removal experts. Why? Accidents happen in a wide array of settings. If one occurs during the process of transporting fallen trees from your property, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you’ve hired a fully insured contractor.


5. Select a Company Offering Emergency Tree Services

Fifth, as you hunt for a business to clear dead trees and stumps from your real estate in Ontario, consider requesting a group capable of providing emergency services. Our area sometimes experiences extreme weather. If a storm damages or kills a number of trees in the area, you may require very fast assistance during a peak demand period. Companies supplying 24/7 emergency stump and tree removal possess the capabilities to assist you when you need it the most.


6. Obtain Free Estimates For Stump Grinding And Other Services

Sixth, by selecting a company that provides free estimates, you won’t receive unexpectedly high charges after your contractor finishes the project. Instead, you’ll know right from the start how much the tree removal bill will be. No surprises. Obtaining this information first, allows you to manage your own finances more effectively and avoid any squabbling after the work is complete. Being in the know is important and having the opportunity to allocate money for the service makes a big difference.


Schedule a Tree Care Appointment

Residential and business owners in St. Thomas and surrounding area are all welcomed at Stumps ‘R’ Us. The well-equipped company specializes in complete tree and stump removals. It maintains an emergency 24/7 service and is trusted amongst past customers. Our business is conveniently located at 220 Edward Street in St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 1Z5.

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To obtain fast assistance, contact us online using the convenient contact form. You may also schedule services by Calling Joe at 519-854-8991. Taking prompt action to remove dead and fallen trees from your grounds contributes to a safer Ontario!

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