Tree work generally isn’t something you should attempt to tackle yourself. Fortunately, you can get the results you expect in a way that’s safe, convenient, and affordable by turning to Stumps R Us. From routine tree trimming to complete tree removal, our professionally trained team will leave you with a beautiful, healthy landscape.



Why Choose Us


Stumps R Us is a full-service St. Thomas tree service company that proudly serves both residential and commercial customers in London, Ontario, and nearby communities. We provide reliable and affordable professional tree service that’s tailored to the needs of our customers. Our skilled, local arborists are fully committed to keeping your trees and your landscape as healthy as possible.


Choosing as your preferred tree care company also means you’ll benefit from:

• Honest, fair rates

• Personalized client services

• Complementary estimates

• Easy scheduling and payment options

• Results you can rely on



What We Do in St. Thomas and London, ON


Our tree service capabilities cover a wide range of needs. Our services can be as basic as keeping the trees on your home or commercial property neatly trimmed throughout the growing season to tree removal that includes properly removing and grinding the stump.


Our tree services include:

• Routine tree health inspections

• Tree and/or stump removal

• Basic tree and shrub care

• Stump grinding



Removing Stumps


Because of the possibility of a very large root system, especially with older trees, it’s often not possible or practical to fully remove a tree… e.g, tree plus roots and all. This is where our ability to safely grind and remove stumps comes in handy! Our experienced tree care professionals will assess the situation and determine the most appropriate way to remove a stump from your St. Thomas or London area property.


old tree stump in grass


Grinding Stumps


The grinding of stumps can be equally beneficial. The ground-up material can be reused as mulch. This can be beneficial since mulch of this nature can help insulate soil, which makes it warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer months. Hearty ground stump mulch also deters or reduces weed growth and even helps your soil retain moisture — which is ultimately good your lawn and landscape.




Our High-Quality Equipment


We use only top-quality equipment to grind stumps safely and effectively. We have carefully selected equipment that’s ideal for both smaller or more involved jobs. Our team has access to equally dependable and reliable equipment for removing trees and taking care of seasonal or routine pruning and trimming.



Tree Removal Services


Naturally, we love trees at Stumps R Us. However, there are times when trees in the St. Thomas and London, ON, areas will need to be removed for obvious safety reasons. Trees may also need to be removed if they are no longer healthy, unable to revived or restored, or simply not in a convenient location. We’ll develop a comprehensive removal plan that’s just right for your situation.



Trimming and Pruning


Trimming trees is about more than just aesthetics. Proper trimming and pruning can also improve the overall health of your trees. Also, during the trimming and pruning process, our skilled tree care specialists can look for and detect any tree diseases or other issues that are best taken care of sooner rather than later.



A Tree Care Company Focused on Safety


In some cases, it’s possible to divide a tree in a safe and appropriate way. This may involve simply splitting the canopy or taking other steps to improve safety and aesthetics.



Routine Tree-Related Work


We’re also the St. Thomas tree care company you can call on for any other tree-related work you may need do. We’ll gladly give you advice on new tree planting. We can also help you out with tree relocation or do routine or seasonal inspections.



24/7 Emergency Tree Care


Whether it’s because of storm damage that affected trees on your property or concerns about a tree that’s in danger of falling over onto your home or business, there are many reasons why you may need urgent tree care. With situations like this, you can count on us to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency assistance.



Contact Us Today for Your Free Tree Estimate


Make Stumps R Us your top choice for a St. Thomas tree care company and arborists near me and you’ll be treated to prompt, attentive, budget-friendly, and professional tree service. We offer free estimates, too! So, there’s no obligation on your part.


Tree Services Near Me


Contact us today to take advantage of our expert tree removal services in St. Thomas and London ON and surrounding areas.

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