Trees bring joy to people and a place of refuge for animals. However, in time even the strongest of trees can sustain damage from storms or become diseased. And sometimes trees and their stumps need to be removed for other reasons. That is when you will need a tree removal service in Strathroy. When it’s time to have tree work done, you’ll want to call in a London Ontario arborist so that it will be done correctly and for a reasonable price.

Free Tree Removal Estimates

The first thing a professional tree service company will do for you is to evaluate your situation and estimate the cost to do what needs done. From simple trims to handling downed power lines and trees, free estimates can help you plan your next move.

Tree Trimming Services

Trees eventually take on an odd shape and/or have some branches that die. Dead branches are unattractive and they can fall down onto people, vehicles or whatever else is beneath them. You want your trees to remain attractive and safe.

Tree Trimming Strathroy

With the skills needed to remove branches without damaging the trunk, an arborist can provide professional tree trimming services. And if you call your arborist in late fall or early winter, he will be better able to inspect the tree trunk and branches and remove the dead branches.

Tree Cutting Services

Sometimes a tree just weathers too many storms or gets diseased and ends up losing all hope of remaining attractive or even surviving much longer. When these things happen, it is time to call for tree cutting services and tree removal services.

Dead Tree Removal

If a tree is already dead, it is important that you call for tree removal services as soon as possible. A dead tree and/or its limbs can easily fall and damage nearby buildings and harm inhabitants or bystanders. A dead tree’s sap attracts termites, which will eat at the base of a tree, eventually causing it to fall. If your dead tree is near your home or other wood-frame building, the termites will later munch down on the nearby building. An arborist can remove both the tree and its stump for you.

Total Tree Takedown

Sometimes people need a tree service company to cut down and remove healthy trees. For instance, the addition of a building to a specific location may require the cutting and removal of some trees that are in the way.

Even though shade trees keep a home cooler in the summer, their roots can eventually wreak havoc to your home’s foundation, sewage systems and old water pipes. In addition to saving yourself from that disaster, having no small trees within fifteen feet of your house and no large trees within twenty feet of your house will allow you to get homeowner’s insurance discounts.

Naturally, you would need tree branches and perhaps some power lines and trees to be removed from your property if you experience a major storm. A professional tree service would first need to clear roads and your driveway before they do the major tree work at your residence.

Stump Grinding & Removal

There’s really no sense in allowing a tree stump to take up space. You would be better off to utilize an arborist’s stump grinding service to have that wood ground down into mulch that you could combine with soil to help other plants grow.

You won’t want a stump to be left behind after the tree has been cut and hauled off. Not only is it unsightly, but you can’t build on or plant grass, flowers, or a vegetable garden there. You need to ask the tree service company for stump removal. Since root removal comes with the job, you may need backfilling done to fill up the hole left in the ground.


Contact Stumps “R” Us for Tree Removal Service in Strathroy

No one likes to tackle jobs that are dangerous or are going to take up more time than you have. All of our customers in the Strathroy area are very happy that they called in the professionals and avoid spending more than a couple of weekends on a job they weren’t expecting…

Tree Services Near Me

Sometimes, you need to trust the experts and avoid any serious injuries when it comes to wielding chainsaws and heavy equipment, we would be glad to help you out. Call us first for tree removal service in Strathroy Ontario.

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