Hey there, fellow homeowners and home landscaping enthusiasts! Today, let’s chat about something that might not be on your lawn currently… but is oh-so-important to understand: the dangers of leaving an old tree stump hanging out in your yard. I know what you might think: “It’s just a harmless stump; what’s the big deal?” In this post, we’re about to uncover why these seemingly innocent remnants of a once-mighty tree can be way more trouble than they’re worth.

Reasons to Avoid Leaving Tree Stumps in the Ground

Leaving an old tree stump in your yard can lead to a range of problems and potential dangers, for your home including:

  1. Property Damage

Sometimes, even after a tree has been cut down, the stump’s roots continue to grow. These tree roots can extend into various areas of your property, causing damage to pipes, lifting pavements like patios, sidewalks, and driveways, and even compromising your home’s foundation. It’s wise to remove the stump before root-related damage occurs.

  1. Pests and Insect Infestations

A tree stump left in place becomes a breeding ground for various pests and insects. Carpenter ants and other ant species can establish nests in the stump and eventually migrate to other parts of your property, including your healthy trees, plants, and your even your home. Termites, wood wasps, beetles, snakes, fungi, rodents, and diseases can also inhabit the stump and spread to nearby areas, leading to costly and time-consuming pest control services.

  1. Eye Sore and Invasive

Tree stumps are unpleasant and invasive, taking up valuable yard space. They can become a platform for the growth of other unwanted plants, which can be challenging to remove without resorting to harmful chemicals. Additionally, fungi, such as mushrooms, may sprout from the stump or its root systems, posing a danger to animals that may ingest them.

  1. Safety Hazards

Tree stumps pose safety hazards to people walking or playing in your yard, especially children. They can be tripping hazards and potential sources of injuries for those who accidentally collide with them. During landscape maintenance, mowing around a tree stump can be a hassle and could damage your lawn mower equipment or cause serious personal injury.

  1. Valuable Space

Tree stumps detract from your yard’s overall aesthetics and can diminish your home’s curb appeal and even your property value. Potential buyers may be discouraged by unsightly stumps in the yard when trying to sell your property. Removing the stumps enhances your curb appeal by repurposing the space for flower beds, picnic areas, or patio sets, creating a trip hazard-free outdoor environment.

  1. Continued Tree Growth

Leaving a tree stump can encourage new tree growth around it, which can be challenging and costly to remove as new shoots continuously sprout. These small trees can also compete with nearby plants for moisture and nutrients, hindering the growth of your garden and landscape. In some cases, the original tree can even regrow from the stump, forming a multi-trunked tree that is even more challenging to eliminate with stump grinding or other methods. It is best to get them removed as soon as the tree is cut down.

Types of Bugs Attracted to Tree Stumps in Your Yard

If you have dead tree stumps in your yard or lawn, various bugs may likely inhabit this area. Unfortunately, these may not be the bugs you want to share your outdoor space with, as they can harm the appearance of your lawn, the perimeter of your house, and even the interior of your home. It best to avoid getting these unwanted pests by investing in stump grinding services or complete removal.


Ants are among the most common bugs you’ll encounter in tree stumps. Despite their small size, they can be quite troublesome. Their tiny dimensions allow them to squeeze into small cracks and holes, giving them easy access to your home. While ants can be found in various locations, tree stumps near your home make it more convenient for them to invade your living space.


Termites are notorious for their wood-devouring habits. They are attracted to old tree stumps and can expedite the decay process. If left unchecked, termites may spread to other trees, plants, or shrubs in your lawn and, ultimately, infiltrate your home, causing significant structural damage.


Beetles, particularly wood-boring species, are also drawn to tree stumps. These insects can accelerate the deterioration of the stumps and pose a threat to nearby vegetation. Over time, they might find their way into your home, leading to potential infestations. All of the above are really good reasons to remove a tree stump.

By allowing these bugs to establish themselves on or near your tree stumps in your yard, you inadvertently create a pathway for them to move closer to your house. This proximity can lead to more significant problems in the future, potentially compromising the comfort and safety of your home. Again, its wise to have a tree service company come in and do some stump grinding.

Discover the Benefits of Choosing Stumps ‘R’ Us for Your Tree Service Needs

At Stumps ‘R’ Us, we understand the importance of comprehensive tree care, so we offer expert tree removal services to keep your outdoor space safe, beautiful, and bug-free. Our brand is synonymous with top-quality tree care, and we take pride in providing the following services:

  • Complete Tree Removal: Our skilled professionals specialize in safe and efficient complete tree removal. Whether you have a dead, diseased, or unwanted tree on your property, we have the expertise and heavy equipment to remove it safely, improving the aesthetics and safety of your surroundings.
  • Tree Stump Removal: Don’t let unsightly tree stumps become a breeding ground for bugs and pests. Our stump removal process ensures that those remnants of felled trees are completely eliminated, preventing insect infestations and enhancing the appeal of your lawn.
  • Dead Tree Removal: Dead trees pose a visual eyesore and attract pests and insects. Count on our professional tree removal company to promptly and efficiently remove dead trees from your property, preventing potential damage to your landscape and home.
  • Emergency Services / Storm Cleanup: Nature can be unpredictable, and storms can wreak havoc on your trees and property. Our emergency tree services and storm clean up team are available when you need them most. We’ll swiftly address fallen nearby trees and debris to restore safety and order to your environment.

With Stumps ‘R’ Us tree service professional, you receive top-notch and professional tree services and the assurance of a bug-free and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the tree service industry across Ontario.

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Choose Stumps ‘R’ Us as your full-service tree care company for all your tree care needs, and let us help you maintain a safe and beautiful yard, and environment around your home.

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