When looking for a tree care service company you want to find a reputable company that has the knowledge and the experience in order to provide the best service. If you do not have neighbors or friends that can refer a tree service company, then make a checklist of what to look for in a good tree company.

Do you have a full-time certified arborist on staff?

A professional arborist understands the distinction of all kinds of trees, appropriate pruning techniques, and how to prevent and treat pests or diseases causing damage to your tree. A certified arborist has received extensive training and is properly educated and knowledgeable about how to best care for your trees and shrubs. Here is a list of 7 reasons why you should use an arborist. A tree care service company possessing the proper certifications in tree care will ensure suitable care is provided for your trees and landscaping.

Which industry organizations does your company belong to?

The TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) has been providing resources to tree service companies since 1938. Companies with membership to this association are afforded valuable information to aid with the education of proper tree care, improving business practices among the tree care industry, and aiding policymakers regarding legislative matters.

May I see your proof of insurance?

There are two types of insurance that a licensed tree company will possess and that you want to verify as you search for which tree care business you want to employ.

General Liability Insurance

The liability insurance needs to be specific for covering tree work. If this is not specifically allocated, then any damages or injuries that take place on your property will not be covered. Another point to check when asking for proof of liability is the dollar amount of coverage and that it is adequate enough to cover potential damages.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

The same stipulation that is for general liability holds true for worker’s compensation insurance, that it specifically covers tree work. Many companies claim to have proper insurance but covering tree work isn’t stipulated. It’s important to verify this aspect. Why is this so important to you as a homeowner? Because if there are work injuries that are not covered with insurance, the employer is legally required to cover any cost of injury for himself or crew members, but if he fails to do so then the client ends up footing the bill.

Will my job require a permit?

Sometimes a permit is required before removal of trees or permission from a neighborhood association. If a tree is dead or terminally diseased and is on private property, no permit is required for removal. Although a permit is not required, a detailed report by an Arborist must be filed for approval with Ontario Urban Forest Council before any tree work is completed.

Any reputable tree removal company will know what permits are needed and will handle acquiring them for your job. By neglecting to obtain proper permitting, you run the risk of costly fines accumulating.

How long will you honor a quote?

When deciding which tree care service company to use, you will likely want to obtain second opinions and quotes. You want to familiarize yourself with what is being done so that you can make an educated decision choosing a company to care for your trees. Be skeptical of any company that pressures you to make a hasty decision and continue looking.

How often do you handle this specific issue?

All companies are not created the same and there will be those that have more experience with particular issues. Inquire about the variety of topics in tree care their company addresses. It is not offensive to ask if a company has ever dealt with the tree care tasks you are needing.

What is your history in the tree services industry?

This might sound like the most obvious question to ask, but you need to know how long a company has been in business. How large is the company and do they serve multiple locations? An established company will have client testimonials and reviews that can be accessed. Client satisfaction can provide added assurance that you are choosing the right company.

Does your company use subcontractors or temporary laborers?

Subcontractors and temporary laborers can come with both pros and cons. Mostly the pros are afforded to the tree care company, but the cons can be costly to the client. Subcontractors are separate from the company that has contracted them, so they do not have a stake in your project or in the company they are working for. Work ethics and attributes of the company are not always those possessed by subcontractors which could lead to less than standard work provided or the cutting of corners.

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