Trees have a great value and especially when it comes to creating that feeling of home. They don’t just make your entire property feel natural and whole, but they provide an added level of privacy as well as security. However, these trees are supposed to be taken care of, and that is where a professional arborist in London Ontario can help.


What Can an Arborist do for You?

The scale of work of an arborist in London can do is wide and carries a broad range of specialties. When it comes to trees, they are like professional doctors that know what is best for healthy tree care. They are frequently needed to complete a total tree removal, and various equipment helps them reach tree heights. Many people have a fear of heights and can make many people feel very uncomfortable. Woozy, is not what you want to feel when you are far up off the ground, with a chain saw in your hands. Better leave things to a trained professional Arborist in London.

Joe from Stumps “R” Us is an expert Arborist servicing the London Ontario area, and we offer Tree Removal Services, Tree Trimming, and stump grinding for your home and business landscaping.

You are most likely asking why you yourself cannot perform the work that an Arborist can do.

This blog post will be focusing on the reasons why it is best to hire professional tree care.


Arborists are trained in Expert Tree Care.

Among the major reason why you are supposed to hire arborists is that they are well trained when it comes to taking care of the tree. Having healthy trees is important for your environment. It can be frustrating to invest energy and time to get each of your trees planted only to have them die in the very first year of planting them.


In-Depth Evaluations

Another reason why you are supposed to think about hiring an Arborist is that they are able to offer an in-depth evaluation of all the trees on your property. The tree may perhaps look healthy on the outside, but the inside is what counts most.


Arborists Safely Handle Tree Removal and Tree Trimming

The other reason you should hire an arborist is because they also handle tree removal and trimming. Tree removals are carried out so as to get rid of any dead or dying trees, in addition, to stump grinding and Stump Removal. We tree trimming professionals leave your trees looking elegant. Tree removal is one of the most hazardous duties and thus calls for a level of expertise that only professionals can do.


Professional Arborist London Ontario


They Can Help with Storm Damage

It’s vital to hire an arborist since they help with storm damage. This helps to prevent any threat to your trees, and only professionals can do that as they have the right knowledge and training. They are trained to handle problems that may arise, and that is extremely devastating for any untrained person.

Taking care of threats that may occur due to strong hail or winds is one of the ways arborists help with storm damage. Exposure to risks isn’t usually evident to an untrained person; hence alteration of the hazard can cause several dangerous risks.

It is not possible to protect the whole tree on your land from storm damage. Only a certified arborist can examine all the problems that can affect the trees.


Arborists have the Right Tree Equipment for the Job

Hiring an arborist is essential since they have the right tools to do the job. As mentioned earlier, the tree business is a highly risky task as compared to several jobs out there. This requires one to have specialized knowledge about the physics and biology of trees.

An Arborist must have the know how to:

  • Climb safely on a tree
  • The type of climbing equipment that’s necessary
  • The type of rigging that’s to be used
  • The type of saw required to cut a branch safely
  • The safety precaution to take when cutting a branch and ensure that it falls on a safe location
  • Ability to operate a crane efficiently during tree transplanting
  • Diagnose and Treat Disease and Infections


Trees are prone to many diseases; some cause some severe damage and you can risk loosing the tree. Therefore unless one is fully qualified as an Arborist, you can’t discover any issue that may arise. A qualified Arborist detects and offer treatment models to the infected trees thus saving from tree removals. Lack of the right equipment can make stump grinding and stump removal to be an impossible task. We have machines that can take out any size of the stump.

Help Select the Right Trees for New Growth

At times you may have favorite trees that you may wish to grow on your land, but this might not be the case because they may not do well on your land. Arborist helps to identify the right trees that can grow and do well on your land. They examine the soil condition and climatic conditions of your land. They ensure that they plant trees that grow well without damaging the walls roof and pavements.


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If you are looking for Arborist in London for Tree Removal Services, contact for estimate and consultation without charges.

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