No one wants to cut down trees, just for the sake of doing so, but this is the best choice sometimes especially when they are a safety concern. This is especially true if the tree is damaged or dying naturally, which presents a danger and risk to those around you. If you decide to Call in the Experts, or remove the tree yourself…

After all that work, you’re left with a stump. What to do next?

Why Worry About Removing Stumps?

There are many reasons why homeowners need to remove a stump. Usually a quick search on Google for, “Stump Removal Near Me” will present you with some options for a reliable tree service company, that can preform the work.

The most obvious reason is that stumps, especially large ones, look aesthetically unpleasant. Most homeowners don’t want to see that large stump when they go out to enjoy their yards.

Homeowners can avoid this unpleasantness by working with stump-grinding professionals and use their services for stump grinding and removal.

Things only get worse for homeowners who are thinking of selling. A big stump in the middle of the yard could hurt property values. No homeowner wants to hear that, especially with the way things are in the real estate market today in Canada. Landscaping makes a difference in your home’s value.

Aesthetics isn’t the only thing homeowners have to worry about. Stumps can become a hazard to everyone in the house. Especially when cutting the lawn with a riding lawnmower, if they are close to the ground, or simply people can easily trip over the stumps if they are not aware of them.

Safety is the #1 Reason to work with a Professional Tree Service.

It doesn’t end there. Those stumps could also put the rest of your backyard in danger. This happens because stumps could grow fungus or invite in other insects that can be harmful to your home. It’s better to include stump removal services after getting some tree work done.

Those who are thinking of installing a shed or maybe building a dog house in the backyard are going to have trouble since that stump is going to be somewhat in the way.

This is especially true if the perfect spot for your small construction is where the stump is.

old tree stump in grass

Even if you build away from the stump, that stump will take away space from your backyard when you finally finish your new addition. No one likes to feel like their property is smaller than it is or have eye-sores sticking out randomly.

Diving Into Types of Stump Removal

Tree stump removal can be done in several ways depending on what’s best for the homeowner or the commercial property.

Most of the time, an inspection is scheduled where the professional tree service specialist comes by to check out the issue. Usually, the homeowners receive free estimates and tips for ways to move forward.

Stump Grinding

This is the most common way to get rid of a stump. The tree specialist will use a stump grinder to chip away at the stump until it’s gone.

The grinder usually removes up to 16 inches below the grade to make sure homeowners don’t have to worry about the stump. These grinders come in many sizes.

Some are no larger than a regular lawnmower, while others can look like a truck, maybe a smaller truck. The size of the stump grinder has to be relatively small since they have to fit through gates.

The price depends on how large the tree stump is. Usually, the diameter of the stump is measured before the estimate for the tree work is given.

Grinding a stump is pretty loud, and wood chips fly around, so it’s best to leave to avoid all that, or make sure you keep kids and pets safely inside. Actually, this is true for any tree service you get.

Complete Root Removal

If homeowners want an environmentally-friendly option, the best thing to do is a complete tree root removal. This could be done at the beginning when the homeowner needed to cut down the dangerous tree.

At that point, the arborist will do a complete tree and stump removal. Still, removing the root of the stump is very much possible. In essence, the tree specialists are going to dig out the root.

This doesn’t mean that shovels will be used because that’ll take longer.

The pros will use specialized stump equipment to dig a deep ditch until roots can be pulled out or cut. This is a time-consuming solution. It could take about two hours to remove a medium-sized stump. Still, homeowners get the satisfaction of knowing they did the best thing they could do for the environment.


Contact Stumps ‘R’ Us for Stump Removal Near Me

It’s better to work with a local tree specialist or arborist. A local specialist near St. Thomas or London Ontario will have less trouble getting the equipment to the location. This reduces cost for everyone, including the homeowner. That means savings, and everyone wants that.

Tree Services Near Me

Stumps ‘R’ Us is here to answer any and all additional questions about removing a stump and what that might entail for you specifically. Give them a call as soon as you can to schedule an inspection and removal.

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