Trees add beauty and value to a home or business. They also prevent erosion, break cold winds in the winter, provide shade in the summer, and benefit the surroundings in other ways. The city of Sarnia values trees so much, it strives to put a tree in front of every home.

Sarnia also inspects the city-owned urban forest yearly, classifying trees that need work as priority 1 (hazardous), priority 2 (a nuisance), or priority 3 (in need of routine maintenance). You’ll want to maintain the trees that you own in the same manner that the city does. If you need a quote, scroll down to our number below!

Expert Tree Services & Stump Removal in Sarnia Ontario

If you have a fallen tree, a dead tree with broken limbs, and/or a tree that threatens your home’s safety, you have what the city considers to be a priority 1 tree problem. You’ll need to call a tree service company for tree cutting services and/or tree removal services.

A tree that has low limbs and other issues that cause a minor traffic hazard is a priority 2 affair. Trees that are dead but still solid also fall into this mid-level area. Call a professional tree service.

Trunk and stump removal fall into the priority 3 category, along with tree work such as minor tree trimming and pruning. These tasks are important, even though they fall into the category of least importance. Contact our tree service company for a free estimate.

Why getting rid of stumps is important

The tree stumps that remain after the tree cutting services have been completed create new problems. You’ll want to get the professional tree service to tell you their prices for either stump grinding or their stump removal services.

old tree stump in grass

Here are six reasons you’ll want your stump removed today:

  1. Stumps are an eye sore – There’s nothing pretty about stumps. Additionally, their presence does not speak well of the property owner who is not taking care of business.
  2. Stumps take up yard space – Tree stumps prevent you from fully enjoying your yard. This is especially bothersome if you don’t have much yard space. If that stump was gone, you could plant a flower bed or enjoy open space.
  3. Stumps are a nuisance to maneuver around – Stumps are particularly bothersome whenever it’s time to do yard work. You can’t just ride or push your mower in a straight line over the area where your beautiful tree used to be. You have to mow and weed eat around a useless stump.
  4. Stumps are hazardous – If tree stumps are close enough to the ground, children can trip over them. Neighbors and others who hurt themselves on your stump may sue you for their medical bills. Stumps can also damage your mower when the blades hit its roots.
  5. Stumps attract insects – A stump will attract ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-boring pests. These pests may decide to visit your home or business building later on if it is close by.
  6. Stumps cause new tree growth – Don’t be surprised if many small trees sprout up around the stump. This will compound your problems if you don’t get rid of them. Not only can they become multiple trees that surround a stump, but they will steal the nutrients your other plants need. So, you may need to use chemicals to completely kill them.

Is there a difference between stump removal and stump grinding?

Yes. Removal involves getting rid of the both the stump and the roots. The technician will likely use a bobcat or other stump removal equipment to get the job done. A small part the yard will be dug up, but you wouldn’t care about that if your goal is to completely get rid of the eye sore.

Grinding the stump down involves using a grinder to grind away at the stump until it is at least as low as ground level. The technician will leave the roots in the ground to rot. Different sizes of grinders exist that suit the job at hand. Some grinders are small enough to roll through a narrow gate and down a narrow path to get to the tree. Big grinders quickly grind down tree stumps that are in open areas.


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Residential and business owners in Sarnia and surrounding area are all welcomed at Stumps ‘R’ Us. The well-equipped company specializes in stump grinding and stump removals. Our business is highly recommend by word of mouth and on Google my Business.

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To obtain fast assistance, contact us online using the convenient contact form. You may also schedule services directly calling Dawson at 226-234-5966 in the Sarnia offices.. Taking prompt action to remove dead and old stumps from your lawn contributes to a safer home!

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