Are you worried about the health and safety of your trees in your backyard? An Ontario tree surgeon can help! Have you been worried about trees on your property, looking like they may need to come down? Maybe they are not responding to your care and maintenance?

Perhaps, it’s time to involve a Ontario tree surgeon!

Tree surgeons are like doctors for your trees, with the training and ability to diagnose ailments of trees and provide the right treatment. They completely take down a tree that’s beyond resurrection. Thus, they are experts equipped to make your trees healthy, beautiful, and safe.

Tree surgeons are the angels you need for the proper maintenance of trees. Keep reading to know in detail what tree doctors can do to transform your yard and improve your property’s curb appeal.

Tree Care Services Offered by an Ontario Tree Surgeon

Here’s everything a licensed and experienced tree surgeon can do for your precious trees –

Health Diagnosis

Qualified tree surgeons can diagnose diseases, pests, or other health concerns affecting your trees. Often, many of these tree health concerns are hidden from plain sight. A tree may be decayed to even dead inside.

Only an expert arborist can recommend and implement the right course of treatment for your tree. It can be pruning, crown reduction, pesticide administration, and more. If required, they may advise cutting down a tree.

Survey, Write Reports, and Advise

Tree surgeons have an in-depth understanding of the condition of different types of trees and their conditions. They also have a clear understanding of the safety procedure required in various locations or weather conditions.

Thus, surgeons can survey the trees in your yard, as well as nearby trees. They can provide professional consultation on management strategies and write tree survey reports for owners, municipalities, etc.

Emergency Tree Services

Tree surgeons can bring tree hazards under control and ensure complete safety. Trees and their branches may get damaged during storms. They may fall or remain in an uncertain position, posing a danger to everyone.

Tree surgeons can mitigate risks for your home, properties in the neighbourhood, passersby, electric cables, and even other trees. A team of tree surgeons can also help clear debris, trim hazardous branches, and restore safety.

Tree Planting

A tree surgeon can provide expertise and assistance during tree planting by choosing the right type of tree species to add to your yard. They can analyze the soil and environment in your locality and offer advice.

In addition, they can offer guidance regarding the right planting techniques and tell you how to protect and maintain individual trees recently planted. Your trees will experience optimal development and long life.

Tree Preservation

Does your yard or neighbourhood have old and precious trees that deserve to be preserved? They might need the right means of preservation, particularly if they’re in construction, development, or renovation sites.

Experts implement fencing, irrigation, and more to ensure trees are not damaged. It can be particularly helpful during home or yard renovations, road or building constructions, underground cable work, etc.

Tree Pruning

Expert tree pruning services is an essential part of tree surgery, required for the health and look of your trees. From crown reduction to dead branch removal – a tree surgeon can help with all these.

Tree Removal Clean-up

Removal Clean-up

With expert service, you can ensure your trees are healthy and safe for everyone around you. Well-maintained trees are also great for the look and feel of your property, increasing its value.

Tree Removal

A professional tree surgeon can detect warning signs of hidden decay, wounds, hollows inside the bark, etc. They can also tell if a tree is weak, diseased, or dangerous and must be cut down quickly.

A tree (or the major part of it) may have already fallen due to a storm, weakness, etc. You can hire an expert team to provide advice regarding the right way to remove the yard to eliminate chances of accidents, cable disconnections, etc.

Stump Removal

Who would want a tree stump in the middle of the yard as a reminder of a tree that doesn’t exist now? It can be a tripping hazard. Plus, it can be a source of infestations and diseases that can spread to other trees.

A pro tree surgeon has the skillset and equipment to remove tree stumps safely. They can clean the area and remove all the mess. They can also ensure that the soil in the surrounding areas is not harmed.

Brush & Lot Clearing

Do you want a site cleared for projects like property development, urban farming, land management, etc.? A tree surgeon can help clean an area of land completely by removing all trees and vegetation from it.

Tree surgeons can safely clear out obstructions from an area by using specialized tools and techniques. Thus, they ensure that the land is ready for your new projects.

Why Should You Hire a Tree Surgeon?

Are you still sitting on the fence about hiring a tree surgeon? Here’s why you should go ahead and hire tree care companies with licensed surgeons –

  • They are trained to take care of the health of trees.
  • They focus on time management, so you don’t have to.
  • They have access to a wide range of equipment, tools, chemicals, etc., which you don’t have.
  • They can bring a team to handle any tree situation while following safety protocols.
  • They come with general liability insurance in emergencies.

Simply put: if you go to a doctor for your own health, then why not for the health of trees?

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In addition, we are equipped with the latest instruments, protective equipment, and other means for a wide range of tree care and maintenance. So contact us today and get the best tree service in Canada!

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