We love trees and we are sure you do too! However, tree removal is sometimes necessary for older trees or ones that are dead or in danger of falling. Tree maintenance of this nature often involves the need to remove not only the tree but the stump as well. Stumps ‘R’ Us is an experienced and trusted tree company for London area residents. Commercial property owners can also count on Stumps ‘R’ Us for tree work and maintenance that includes tree trimming, cutting, and removal along with stump-related services.


What Is Tree Maintenance in London, ON, and Why Is It Important?

Tree “maintenance” involves anything that pertains to the health and well-being of trees or tree-related services that benefit your property. This list can include:

  • Tree pruning or trimming
  • Tree cutting/removal
  • Removal of stumps that includes grinding

Tree-related maintenance is important because trees need to be properly trimmed and cared for to remain vital and healthy. What’s best for your property and overall landscaping is an equally important part of maintenance for trees. This part of tree care refers to times when a tree needs to be removed to keep your home or business safe. It’s also important not to attempt removal yourself due to the risks associated with this process. Fortunately, our local tree service professionals are ready to get the work done for you safely, efficiently, and affordably.

Tree Cutting Services in London, ON,

While often appreciated, mature trees do sometimes need to be cut and removed. This type of tree work in London, ON, sometimes involves just some tree cutting services or trimming. Other times, however, you need to call on a professional tree service in London that includes the complete removal of the tree.


Tree Service Team

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Our tree cutting services can be beneficial if a tree needs to be removed for any of the following reasons:


  • It’s too close to power lines
  • The tree is negatively affecting other parts of your landscape
  • It’s too close to your home or business in a way that presents safety risks
  • The tree is affected by the disease, storm damage, or other issues


With the removal of trees, our seasoned experts will take the time to secure the tree while also using the right equipment to safely remove it. The removal will be done in a way that protects your landscape and property.


London, ON, Stump Grinding and Removal

Our tree removal services include the proper and safe grinding of any stumps that remain after the tree is removed. While stumps can be aesthetically unpleasant, there are some additional reasons to have our experienced tree experts in London, ON, remove and grind your stumps. These include:

  • The potential for fungal root rot
  • Falling or tripping hazards
  • The possible impact on nearby plants and other living landscape elements

When it’s possible to do so, we may be able to remove the entire stump. When this is done, most of the roots are removed as well. Once the stump is removed, the hole is filled in and you’ll be able to reclaim that part of your landscape for other purposes, or simply re-plant grass.

If full removal of the stump isn’t possible or preferred, we’ll grind the stump with a stump grinder. We use a machine that’s capable of grinding stumps up to 5-ft. wide and up to a foot underground. It’s a portable unit, so it can fit into most backyards. The stump will be ground into chips, so there will be no large chunks of wood to dispose of when we’re done.


Tree Trimming in London, ON

Another way to protect your property is to have your trees professionally trimmed by local experts from Stumps ‘R’ Us. Trimming trees can be a tedious task, and it’s also one that has to be completed with care to protect the tree(s) being trimmed. Our trained tree technicians have the skills and tools required to safely trim trees to remove dead or awkwardly placed branches or trim down tree crowns in a way that doesn’t hurt the tree. Professional trimming improves the health of the tree and gives you trees that are a more pleasing part of your home or business landscape.

Why Choose Us for Tree Services Near Me in London, ON

Stumps ‘R’ Us is a trusted tree service company with a solid reputation throughout London, ON, and surrounding communities that include St. Thomas. Choosing us for your tree upkeep and maintenance needs means you can expect:

  • Prompt arrival
  • Respect for your property while the work is being done
  • 24-7 emergency service
  • Reasonable pricing


We Provide Free Estimates and A+ Tree Services

Whether you’re calling on Stumps ‘R’ Us for tree removal in London, ON, routine tree maintenance and upkeep, or stump removal for stumps left behind from previous removals, we’ll get you started with a free estimate. We’ll also treat you to first-rate service and attention to every detail from start to finish.

Tree Services Near Me

Contact us today for prompt, budget-pleasing tree maintenance in London, Ontario, and surrounding communities.

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