The Importance of Tree Services in West Lorne Ontario

When should you call “Stumps R Us” the tree services professionals in West Lorne, Ontario? Why, when ever you are need of expert tree care or tree removal services of course!

We offer the best tree advice in any situation and offer a 24/7 emergency tree service in case there is a disaster.

Eliminate Dead Trees

When should you consider a tree for removal? When thinking about tree services in West Lorne it is important to remove dead or diseased trees ASAP near buildings or people. A dead tree can become a serious danger because it can fall during storms or give way when people are around. Causing damage to homes or even a loss of life is something that we would like to avoid, and we have seen it happen too many times to count.

Dead Tree Removal Services

Termites love to find cellulose, which can also be found in tree sap. A single dead branch on a tree can attract hungry termites or other insects. Once termites find a dead tree near a house, the can make it their home and quickly eat away at the foundation of an already troubled tree. This is another good reason to remove dead trees before they fall and take out a fence, or lay into your home and cause serious damage.

Keep the House Safe from Tree Damage

What is the safe distance between a building and a tree? Trees have the ability to shade a house, and keep the house cool in hot weather. Trees that grow too close to a house threaten to drop heavy branches on through roof or a side wall.

As a rule of thumb, the taller the tree, the farther it must stand away from the house. We recommend that small trees stand fifteen feet from a house. Larger trees should stand twenty feet from a house. Call for tree removal if a tree stands within the safety zone. Tree removal can be a factor when looking for homeowners insurance discounts.

Another angle to look at here is how close the roots are to the foundation of your home and your sewage systems. Roots make their way through the ground and can even grow into or around old piping creating a problem for home owners. Its best to ensure you take the proper steps before you get to the point of having to call in a contractor. The price difference here is way less and its damage control for your property.

Professional Stump Equipment

What happens if a stump remains in the ground? A tree grows as tall above ground as it does underground in its roots. This is how the tree finds water and causes a tree to sprout roots through out the ground. When you get tree services in West Lorne, we will have the conversation with you to have the stump removed as well, as they become tripping hazards or dangerous things to run into while your on your riding lawnmower.

Stump Grinding for Mulch

What is the benefit of stump grinding? Grinding recovers the space once occupied by a tree stump and can be turned into mulch for the garden. A grinder turns a stump down into wood chips or mulch, and combined into existing soil as a growing medium. Once the stump grinding equipment finishes grinding a stump, there’s nothing left but mulch and soil. You can plant roses in the mulch after grinding. Without the stump, the roots left underground begin to decompose.

Stump Removal

If grinding is so effective and convenient, why wouldn’t everyone order stump removal? Removal is an important part of site preparation for building. Removal does still leave some roots in the ground, but after time they may diminish. This is especially important if one plans to dig trenches or basements. The sides of newly excavated basements and trenches must be free of wood debris.

old tree stump in grass

Stump Removal is important when preparing land for farming. No one wants to deal with roots that hamper attempts to plow the earth.

Removal leaves behind a pit in the ground. Ask your tree removal services team to backfill with the right kind of soil and rock. An experienced tree removal services team knows how to compact soil to specification.

Tree Trimming

What is the best time for tree trimming? We recommend trimming in late fall to early winter. Without leaves, we can inspect the trunk and branches without difficulty. Dead or damaged branches become easier to see. The removed branches handle easier when the leaves have fallen. The tree suffers less shock when trimmed during the dormant season. We invite you to book late fall trimming now.

Avoiding Trunk Damage

An expert at trimming knows how to remove branches without damage to the tree. For example, a three cut process works well. First, make an undercut two or three feet from the trunk. The undercut should cut less than one third of the way through a branch.

Tree Services Near Me

Feel free to call us. We love to talk about tree care in the London and West Lorne Ontario areas.

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