Professional Tree Services in London Ontario

Are there overgrown trees in your yard that need trimming and are looking for a complete tree service company? Or do you have trees or old stumps that need to be removed? It’s time to invest in some tree services.

If the landscaping on your property could use some tree care, you can count on the team here at Stumps ‘R’ Us. We have the necessary expertise and tree removal equipment to take on all of your tree care needs. Our workers are committed to complete customer satisfaction. We’re proud to provide our complete tree services to London, Ontario, and the surrounding area.


Quick, Complete Tree Service


If you have any dead or dying trees on your property, they could create a major safety hazard. All that it would take is one bad storm for those heavy limbs to come crashing down. There’s no reason to risk this type of damage to your property or injury to your family any longer. You can get rid of those dangerous trees for good when you call on our expert tree care specialists.

We’ll use our tools and company training to take them down in a safe, timely manner. We’re also able to get rid of trees that are causing problems with your foundation or help clear away trees to prepare for new building construction.

Even if you need some minor work done around the yard we offer pruning as a service as well. We want your trees looking their best for spring, and for continuous growth!


Stump Removal Service & Mulching

Once we remove your dead, dying or unwanted trees, we can get rid of those unsightly stumps that are leftover for you as well. Our thorough stump removal service takes care of both large and small stumps.

We’re able to use our powerful machines to dig them out down to a depth of 18 inches. We’ll be very considerate of your property during each phase of the stump removal process. Our workers make it a point to do everything carefully so we don’t cause damage to your turf.

Stump removal and grinding in London

Our professionals are earth conscious and can recommend turning that old stump into high quality mulch for your garden beds when the job is done. Just ask for more information or a quote and we can get you a price.

You will be highly satisfied with our work, and you can read our business rating and reviews here.


Reliable Stump Grinding Service

You can trust Stumps “R” Us as Joe the owner of the company is a licensed Arborist. That means you won’t have about any tree diseases or strange insects invading your property. We highly recommend that you do your homework before hiring any tree service in the London, Ontario area.

We want build our tree service by word of mouth, so after we finish with a stump or tree removal we are going to fill in the bare area with topsoil and plant grass seed. Going the extra mile after a removal is what our complete tree service is all about. After a little while, you won’t even be able to tell there was a tree or stump there in the first place.

We’re able to maneuver our equipment into tight spaces, such as gardens, next to fences, or close to your building’s foundation. Our stump grinding service is extremely thorough. We pride ourselves on leaving your property looking neat, clean and at it’s very best by providing expert tree care.


Expert Tree Trimming & Pruning Service


Perhaps you have some trees on your property that are looking a bit overgrown and unruly. Our complete tree service company in London, Ontario can add plenty of curb appeal to your home or commercial property. Tree trimming can be complicated when you try to go it alone as Arborists know the science behind tree growth.

Our skilled tree trimmers know just the right methods to use to get your trees looking great all year long. We can come out to your property and evaluate your trees. We’ll be able to determine just how much of your tree limbs need to come off to help your trees stay healthy and vibrant.

So if you’re looking for tree removal or other vital tree services in the Southwestern Ontario region, look no further than Stumps ‘R’ Us. We offer top-notch service at reasonable rates. We’re fully insured and offer same-day and emergency service for our valued customers.

Tree Services Near Me

Feel free to contact us by email on our website contact page for a free tree services estimate or to learn more about our tree care process or any of the other services that you may need now or in the future.

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