Your trees can either add or subtract from the beauty of your residential or commercial property depending on how they’re kept. If you have trees that need to be trimmed or removed, call Joe the certified arborist from Stumps ‘R’ Us who can provide expert tree trimming in London Ontario. Our team understands the art of tree care and can make all your trees look their best.

Tree Trimming in London Ont.

Trees that have extremely long branches or dead foliage can be trimmed to look more shapely and visually appealing. Having a tree cutting service in London take care of your property can also help rid any diseased limbs that could spread throughout the rest of a tree and shorten its lifespan. Long tree branches can also damage power lines and other nearby structures if they collapse, and the tree trimming service that we provide can prevent catastrophes and keep everyone around you safe. Getting the proper tree work done can also help lower pest populations in your yard by reducing the number of dead trees that these critters can use to make their homes.

Tree trimming in London

When we trim or remove trees, we use special equipment that allows us to get the work done safely and efficiently. Certified arborists, like Joe knows how to cut branch sections correctly so that the remainders of any branches that you wish to preserve don’t die. We make sure that every tree looks its best after trimming so that our customers are never left with work that looks unfinished and won’t be disappointed with our professional tree service.

Complete Tree Removal

There are times when a tree needs to be removed, and our expert tree technicians can take out any of the trees that you no longer want on your property. Tree removal service should definitely be scheduled if you have a tree that’s dead and posing a danger on your land.

During the removal process, we take every precaution that’s necessary to prevent damage and bodily injuries that can result when trees fall. We know how to make trees fall in the right direction so that they don’t collapse onto buildings, power lines or other structures and cause major damages. We also take precautions to make sure that any branches from trees that are being removed don’t cause additional harm to properties or people.

Having a problematic tree removed can safeguard your property against certain dangers that could arise if you fail to have it removed. Large, overgrown trees that grow on unstable ground or become too big for properties often need to be cut down so that they don’t collapse unexpectedly and cause damage or bodily harm. Problematic tree roots that can damage building foundations and other property structures could also be growing from certain trees, and having these trees removed may be the only way to preserve your home or commercial building. Dead trees are especially vulnerable to collapsing and can attract more of the pests and fungal growth that make your property more hazardous.

Stump Grinding and Removal

After a tree has been removed, our tree care specialists can remove the remaining stump to give customers like you the most thorough tree service imaginable. Our stump removal service can get rid of stumps that you might accidentally trip over while walking in your yard. Even after a tree has been removed, a stump can still grow roots, and these roots can be destructive to your building and land if the stump remains in place. Stumps could also sprout new growth that attracts more of the pests and fungus that you don’t want on your property.

The stump grinding equipment that we use for stump removal can eliminate stumps thoroughly so that they won’t cause you any more problems. By grinding the stump, we can prevent any growth from returning so that you’ll have a smooth piece of land to plant a new tree or use for another purpose.

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Stumps ‘R’ Us is a professional tree service company, specializing in tree trimming in London Ontario. We are the trusted go-to source whenever you need to have a tree trimmed or be completely removed. We pride ourselves on our honesty, and we make sure that every customer receives an accurate quote so that no one has to pay more than they expect. We even provide free estimates to every customer and explain each service in full detail.

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If you have a residential or commercial property in London Ontario that requires tree work, please contact the team at Stumps ‘R’ Us today at 519-854-8991 and learn more about our tree service options.

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