When it comes to finding a tree division service in London Ontario, hiring a professional company is the best choice you can make. Some tree jobs are either too big or too risky to take on all by yourself. Be safe and look to an expert to help keep your landscaping looking great with our complete tree removal services.

So what should you know before hiring a tree service in London? How do you ensure you get your money’s worth and all risks of injury are eliminated? If a tree is ready to come down, or if you have a fallen tree in your yard… just follow this checklist to ensure you’re getting a professional tree services team on your side.

Ask if the Tree Service Company is Properly Insured

This is the most important thing about this job. You should always make sure you see a copy of an up to date insurance plus a copy of their work. Make sure the contractor and staff are adequately insured and you won’t be liable for any accidents, damages or injuries caused.

The tree company should have liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance. With liability insurance, any damage caused to your home or possessions is covered by the company.

The worker’s compensation insurance protects you and the employees. It covers any injuries sustained while working in your home.

Education Credentials, Referrals, and Reviews

Education & Certifications

Hiring a company with inexperienced employees can lead to a lot of damage or even fatal injuries. Operating a tree removal service without proper licensing is illegal.

Check out all the company’s credentials and educational background to make sure all workers are properly licensed and all the employees are trained.

Joe Winchester from Stumps R Us is an arborist and has many years of experience both working with and cutting down trees.

Referrals & Reviews

The company has a trusted record of glowing reviews from past clients on Facebook and other online directories.

You can also ask how other people like the company’s services? This is what you get through referrals. Ask the company for a list of previous customers who had similar jobs done. You need to know what you can expect from the company before any money exchanges hands.

Get a Detailed Tree Services Estimate (no hidden fees!)

Always get a free estimate on print before the job begins. This is the only choice you have if you don’t want to get charged additional fees for services you never requested in the first place.

The more detailed the quote the less you have to worry about surprises popping up later. Always be confident in asking the company, “Is this going to be the final price I pay after all work is completed?

If there is any other extra work or payments to be figured into the quote it is best for both parties to discuss before the job gets completed and the relationship sours because of a lack of communication.

Equipment, Timelines & Process

Heavy Equipment

Be specific and ask how they plan on approaching the job and the equipment they plan to use. No one wants heavy power equipment driving across the lawn and flowerbed causing damages.

At Stumps “R” Us we have different size equipment to better suit the needs of each job that comes up. Also, make sure they know and understand to clean up after the job is done, which we always do for our trusted clients.

Tree Removal Process & Timeline

If you get an idea of how they tackle a new job (their process) you both should have a timeline of how long the work should take. Some clients may be in a rush to clean up a yard if they are planning for a backyard party or wedding.

Complete tree removal services in London Ontario can take three hours or three days. You have to ask for a timeline of how long the project will take and have it in the written estimate.

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Protect yourself and your property by hiring a professional tree service company in London. It’s a dangerous job and requires expertise and caution.

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Ensure you do everything possible to protect yourself and your property by calling the right crew.

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