Reasons To Use a Tree and Stump Removal Service for Your Residential or Commercial Properties:

When you have an unsightly tree stump at your home or business, it becomes more than an eye sore. It can be a potential danger that your visitors trip over and get hurt or injured. Plus, it can damage any lawnmower used in the area or other yard equipment if you miss its presence in the lawn or overlook the large roots spread across the ground. Once this stump gets older or starts to rot, it can serve as a place for mold and mildew to thrive and attract insects and pests into your premises.

Which is something, we can all agree London Ont. residents would like to avoid…

Instead of allowing trees or stumps to become a nuisance, you can call our reliable tree service specialists to handle all tree work on your property. We know that proper maintenance for your landscaping will maintain the value of your investment and shows that you care about your properties esthetic. That is why we provide a quality tree removal service you can rely on. You can depend on us always, to handle stump removal, stump grinding, and tree trimming without causing damage to the other parts of your location.

If you decide to let stumps or unhealthy or unstable trees remain in their place, here are other problems you can experience:

  • Stumps obstruct areas of your lawn that could get used to making it more attractive or productive. Instead of an unsightly tree base and roots, you can put down other plants, a patio, a gazebo, or a play area.
  • Termites and ants can make their home in the stump and move from there to your home or building. If harmful fungi grow on the stump, it can spread to other trees and shrubbery on your estate.
  • Over time, some persistent trees and shrubs can sprout again from a stump. This regrowth means you will have to cut it down again and again until the stump gets removed.

What to Expect From Our Professional Tree Service Company

When you try tree removal on your own, you are putting yourself at risk of harm. It is better to allow Stumps ‘R’ Us to be your tree service specialists in London, Ont. to safely and successfully handle the situation for your property. Our tree service company has the proper training, equipment, and experience to completely remove the tree and ensure there is no unsightly stump left behind.

Rather than having random trees unruly, obstructive, or endangering home structures around your property, we serve as your tree service specialists in London. With our care, you can have trees that only help to enhance your property and benefit your landscaping beauty. We are happy to address any questions about bothersome trees on your yard and provide free estimates.

Depend on Us for Quality Tree Care in London Ontario

There are many reasons you should depend on us for quality tree care in London Ont. We have grown this company by word of mouth, and by the trust earned from our clients. We have taken time to learn about managing, and cultivating a professional team of tree care experts with aborists and other safety certifications. We understand how to maintain the health of your trees or know when they need to be completely removed. We have the equipment and skill to deliver the best possible job for complete tree care.

We have all heard the stories of others trying to do their own tree work or even worse hire an inexperienced weekend warrior, that end up with in a serious problem. Don’t let it happen to you… It would be more advantageous to let our tree experts work safely and efficiently to protect your home, property and loved ones.

Let Our Tree Service Specialists Improve Your Property

Because we care about the residents of the London area, we put extensive effort into tree work processes. We understand the tree species in this area and can be your guide in getting the best work done  for commercial and residential locations. Along with this, we can recommend the best ways to care for your other greenery and when it should be trimmed or removed.

If you have questions about how or when you should get your trees groomed or completely removed, please call our tree service company at the number below for assistance and job well done


Tree Services Near Me


To preserve the integrity of your landscaping, partner with our team for the best results. We will always provide practical advice and free estimates for whatever ways you need us to help. Contact Stumps ‘R’ Us today to get started.

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