The entrance to our homes and businesses are often framed with beautiful landscaping, from blooming flowers to regionally appropriate shrubs or plants, and of course lush trees. While it is usually fairly clear when faded flowers are past their prime or bushes have a lackluster appearance and need replacing, trees are in a different group altogether. We all like to think we know enough about our home’s specific trees and their life span, but sometimes it is hard for the amateur landscaper to know when a serious problem is arising.

Many trees bloom (or not) for varying reasons, tree diseases can masquerade as an insect infestation, and even catastrophic injuries to limbs and trees can occur when unexpectedly severe weather hits. All of these situations might call for a more seasoned professional’s point of view. When a flower wilts or a bush under-performs, we likely feel qualified to yank out the offending plant and replace it with something we think will perform better, generally at a relatively low cost. But when a concern arises over a tree’s health or appearance, it is best to call in a professional, as trees are typically larger investments both in time and dollars. So who should be summoned to help? Let’s talk about the two types of tree experts to call when you are in need.

What does an Arborist Do?

Much in the same way that a general practitioner in medicine is the go-to call when advice is needed about the health or condition of a tree, an Arborist is a like a doctor of trees and their environments. Arborists are trained and certified in the diseases that affect trees, as well as having a deep understanding of how trees and their surrounding vegetation interact. Calling on the services of an Arborist results in a thorough evaluation of the tree and any factors that may affect it.

Once the assessments have been made, recommendations for treatments of the tree diseases and surrounding ecological environment will be provided to remedy any potential problems. The arborist might suggest solutions ranging from changes to the soil to adjustments on surrounding flora. Guidance might also include tree work such as Tree Trimming or even Tree Removal, both at the hands of a professional tree service company. In the same way that a doctor might diagnose a problem but then defer to a surgeon, an Arborist would also hand over the physical work needed on a tree to the Tree Surgeon.

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

Just like a surgeon is summoned upon the confirmed need for medical intervention, a Tree Surgeon is called once action is needed. Most of the time a professional tree service company employing one will provide free estimates of costs attached to the different tree services available. Since trees are large investments and also sometimes take years to grow up to their potential size and usefulness, using quality Tree Removal Services is important. While not every company is guaranteed to provide all, many common Tree Cutting Services offered are Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Removal and Stump Grinding, as well as tree work around power lines.

Using a professional tree service to provide these valuable and many times very challenging tasks is key. The tools and expertise needed to complete such arduous undertakings as Stump Removal or Stump Grinding from cut down trees is not something most people are equipped to handle. Stump removal requires precise work both above and below ground, and stump grinding is no less difficult. A quality service will not damage the other parts of your landscape and will leave you with an acceptable groundspace where the stump had been located, all of which requires a professional company with the right tools and skills. A tree service company will have the knowledge and ability to complete these tasks safely and efficiently.

Taking Care of Your Planted Investments

We all carefully plan how to spend and save our money, and the investment we make into our trees is no exception. In addition to how much money and time we spend on maintaining our landscaping, we feel connected to our tree’s well being and appreciate the beauty and life giving oxygen they bring to our outdoor spaces. Working with very large vegetation such as trees can bring an additional cost, however, if professional tree work is needed, a reputable tree service company will provide free estimates of costs relating to all potential services. Some of the services that might be needed can be very dangerous. Good advice would be that anytime power lines are involved,

Tree Services Near Me

Tree Removal Services should always be done by an expert, just to be on the safe side. Using Tree Removal Services might be an expense, but using the right professional to get a necessary task done safely and correctly is worth the peace of mind and the cost. Our trees are an important part of our outdoor landscapes. Using the right tree professional to evaluate them, maintain their health, and even remove them when needed, is key to keeping trees across Ontario a sound investment.

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