When you are looking for professional tree services in Tillsonburg, Ontario, ensure the tree company has a trusted and reputable reputation. Tree work isn’t a simple task, it can be very dangerous at the same time. It is best not to take unnecessary risks. Like cutting down larger trees, or even running a chainsaw if you have no experience with them.

Outdoor tasks are typical around the home. However, there are specific services or tasks that you should bring in a professional team to do. Tree services, including stump grinding, chainsaw work, lot clearing and complete tree removal, should be left to a professional tree service in Tillsonburg.

What Does a Licensed Tree Service Do?

Some simple services such as tree trimming and pruning don’t often need a call out to a tree care company. Nonetheless, tree management tasks can be risky too, if the tree is unhealthy. Tree care professional have the equipment, expertise, and experience to work properly and safely.

Professional Tree Cutters and Trimmers

Homeowners in Tillsonburg, Ontario, often hire professional tree care to:

  • Clear branches from sidewalks or roads
  • Cut foliage to enhance the landscape’s appearance
  • Maintain trees or remove them completely if they become a problem

Remember that even something as simple as tree pruning, helps a tree stay upright and grow properly, which needs its own expertise and training. Cutting down individual trees, like the process of tree felling, needs skilled trained tree care professionals and the use of the right equipment. Even chainsaw maintenance could be a course in of itself.

On the other hand, some landscapers can do these tasks, but they are often best reserved for an arborist or an experienced or licensed tree service. Stumps ‘R’ Us both have a certified arborist and a team of trained professionals ready to take on the next tree that needs to go on your yard or commercial property.

Limb, Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Service providers in Tillsonburg remove limbs and trees when a homeowner or arborist has determined them diseased or dead. Homeowners might pay to remove a limb or tree if it’s a nuisance or a danger, for example, hovering too close to a home’s roof or blocking views from inside the home.

On top of that, you may not want an ugly stump sticking out of the ground. Most people also choose stump removal to complete rid the yard of the tree from top to bottom.  However, it’s still a challenging task, and the cost of expert stump grinding is worth the cost and time savings of renting the equipment on your own. Again, its about safety as well.

Getting rid of big stumps with mature root systems and stumps close to your home is often a professional job. DIY methods such as pulling it out with chains and a truck or burning the stump can cause damage to your home or the foundation. Not to mention all those videos we have seen on YouTube when things go Really Bad.

Tree Climbing

In case you didn’t know yet, climbers are experts who can climb the tree without the help of big equipment like cranes. They can easily access limbs in urban locations, tight spaces, and locations where machinery is not allowed, such as in forests and protected parks.

Tree Climber

Direct access also enables them to eliminate the limbs with utmost precision. Most climbers are licensed arborists at the same time.

Management of Insects and Pests

Another issue that comes along with owning trees is pests and insects. Whether you own fruit trees or other types pf trees, these pests and insects can wreak havoc on them without you even knowing it. Moreover, these insects could come as aphids, mites, and even flying insects!

They can do horrible damage to the leaves on your trees, not to mention they can even eat the bark of the trees. An insecticide is the last thing you need when handling these kinds of trees. Having the presence of a professional tree service in Tillsonburg, Ontario, will help you handle this situation.

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Services in Tillsonburg, Ontario

Are you still thinking about how professional tree services in Tillsonburg can help you? Below are some reasons to help you decide.

1. Efficient

Trying to perform a tree job without experience or with the wrong equipment and tools can result in an inefficient task. When you hire a professional tree service, you can feel at ease in the fact the proper tools are utilized for smooth job completion.

2. Safety

Tree pruning, stump grinding, tree removal, tree trimming and other major tree work can be risky. That’s especially true if you have little to no experience in tree work. On top of the challenges with the actional service you’re doing on your own, there are also outside risks such as decaying wood, improper equipment, power lines, and more.

Professional tree service in Tillsonburg, Ontario, is specifically trained in safety practices to guarantee a safe and smooth completion—for the workers and your home.

3. Fewer limitations

Professional tree service in Tillsonburg, Ontario, can finish a massive assortment of projects and can reach higher heights. Stumps’ R’ Us employs crane technology to safely and efficiently handle large tree work.

4. Experience and knowledge

Not only an inexperienced homeowner trying to do a tree removal can be dangerous, but it can also result in damage to your trees, home, and your overall property. On top of safety, there are correct strategies to remove trees without damaging your home. It’s also important to employ the proper methods to support a healthy tree.

Trying to do these tree services on your home without the expertise and knowledge required can damage your car, roof, and more.

Work with an Experienced Tree Company in Tillsonburg!

Are you searching for professional tree service in your area? Protect your peace of mind and investment by researching and asking the right questions. If the company does not seem right online, move on. This work is too significant to leave to anyone other than an experienced professional.

Before you try and take on tree projects such as tree pruning, stump removal, and tree removal, consider hiring a dependable professional tree service instead. A  certified arborist can offer you a broad spectrum of tree care services, from comprehensive tree removal plans to hazard-free tree risk assessments designed to educate you on proper care for tree removal.

Stumps ‘R’ Us is your local tree service for your trees and landscaping needs. Compared to other local tree removal service providers in the area, our customer service, expertise and knowledge help us stand out and here is why.

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