Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard and if you are looking for more trees to plant in Southwestern Ontario, we have the list for you! Whatever you are looking for, whether it is a shade tree or a fast-growing tree for more privacy, you will have plenty of options in the selection below. Each tree  is perfectly suited to Southwestern Ontario’s climate and growing conditions. Your outdoor space will be transformed with the addition of any one of these new planted trees, or you can choose to introduce several different species into your yard to create a varied aesthetic and habitat for local wildlife.

Red Maple Tree

Maple trees are a beautiful addition to any property, with mature maple trees displaying a stunning range of colors throughout the year. With this tree, you can expect red buds in the spring, rich green leaves in summer, and their signature red and orange leaves in the fall. This native tree will help to create a beautiful backyard space that lasts throughout the year.

Red Maple Tree

If you are looking to create shade in your yard, the maple tree is ideal. They grow exceptionally quickly and produce long branches that cover large areas. In terms of maintenance, they are also relatively easy to care for. Once they reach maturity, maple trees will be able to cope with moist and wet soil and sub-zero temperatures.

Green Pillar Pin Oak Tree

If you live in a city like London Ontario or its surrounding suburbs, the green pillar pin oak tree is an ideal choice for your yard. This tree is extremely tolerant of pollution and will continue to flourish regardless of the pollution levels in its local environment.

Given its tall but narrow shape, this variation of the oak tree is an ideal privacy tree that, when planted alongside several others, will create a tall screen of privacy between you and your neighbors.

Green Pillar Oak Trees

This tree should only be planted in direct sunlight with plenty of room to grow. On average, green pillar pins grow to be 50 feet tall and will tolerate a variety of soil conditions. It’s perfect if you are looking for tall trees that enjoy moist, well-drained soil.

Japanese Lilac Tree

The Japanese lilac tree is one of the most popular trees in Ontario and for good reason. Not only does it produce beautiful colors, but it is low maintenance and tolerant to pests and various diseases.

The other trees listed here all serve as the foundations of your yard, but this tree is the perfect accent plant to introduce color and vibrancy into your outdoor space. From late spring into early summer, the Japanese lilac tree will produce amazing flower blooms that carry a light, welcoming scent.

Japanese Lilac Tree

These trees grow at a medium rate and, while they can grow to between 15-25 feet tall, their size can be controlled with regular pruning.

Tulip Tree

Also known as a tulip poplar and tulip magnolia, these trees are perfect for yards in Southern Ontario. It is one of the most popular fast-growing native trees in Canada that will attract countless different types of birds into your backyard.

It is a popular choice due to the buttery yellow cup-shaped flowers it produces throughout spring. Much like the Japanese lilac tree, it will introduce vibrant colors and variety into your backyard. The tulip tree is a deciduous tree, but even after it has bloomed and lost its leaves, its furrowed gray bark remains a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Tulip Tree

This tree requires regular maintenance and will struggle in urban environments. It is best suited to sunlit areas with average to moist soil conditions.

Fir Tree

Fir trees are beautiful, fast-growing trees that provide your yard with a pop of rich dark green all year round. These evergreen trees will thrive in a variety of locations, so are ideal whether you have a suburban, rural, or city property and provide plenty of privacy. They also serve to block noise pollution, making them a perfect addition to city gardens.

Douglas fir Tree

The fir tree is widely considered to be one of the lowest maintenance trees, with the most common cause of death or stunted growth actually coming from over-watering and pruning. They grow the quickest when left unattended in moist, acidic soil.

Paper Birch Tree

The paper birch tree is perfect if you want to add color and shade to your yard. With its combination of white, peeling bark and rich green or golden leaves, this beautiful tree can serve to create a focal point in your yard.

Paper Birch Tree

This tree only requires pruning in late summer after the leaves have fully developed and can maintain itself throughout the rest of the year. It does not require a specific soil pH or type, but it does prefer moist conditions.

Plant More Trees for Privacy & Shade

Introduce these beautiful trees into your yard or landscaping and watch as it transforms throughout the year, producing magnificent blooms and changing color alongside the seasons. If you are looking to maintain the trees you currently have or want help selecting new trees for your yard, you can count on us.

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