Do you have a tree that is dying or is already dead on your home’s lawn? Different questions may come to mind about dead tree removal in London Ontario. Should you have the tree removed to avoid a potential safety hazard or should you just leave it alone and hope for the best? You may even wonder if it is feasible trying to save the tree?

If the tree is dead, you may begin to consider if you can take the tree down yourself or need professional tree services for dead tree removal? In order for you to make an informed decision, you first need to become acquainted with all factors about dead tree removal in London.

Is it Really Dead?

The first thing that needs to be done is access the tree’s health. If you aren’t sure if the tree in question is officially dead or is well on its way, then have a tree service professional in London perform an evaluation.

What does a dead tree look like

If the tree is dead or faces imminent death, it is best to have the tree removed before it presents a safety risk or causes unexpected damage. Both situations can be costly or even result in serious harm and even death. Dead tree’s often have hollow trucks, or branches that can break free at any moment, causing anything below to be in serious danger.

5 Reasons to Remove a Dead Tree

Once you have had a tree inspection and there is no hope for tree survival, you will want to seriously consider what needs to be done next. You may be tempted to just forget about it since it is still standing.

However, prompt removal of trees can save on these potential headaches in the future:

  1. The tree could fall. Unfortunately, there is no predicted time when a dead tree decides to fall. It could cause damage to your property, as well as potential damage to the private property of your neighbour. Or even worse, fall and cause bodily injury to you or someone else which could result in avoidable expenses.
  2. When a tree dies its structural integrity as a whole, including its tree branches, is compromised. This creates an additional tree hazard of dead branches falling. A sharp gust of wind is capable of bringing down weak branches in a matter of seconds.
  3. Diseased trees can be contagious. You run a risk of infecting other healthy trees and plants in your yard with that one tree. Trees that have been affected by disease or insects are more brittle and dangerous which is another important reason to contact a tree removal service.
  4. Dead tree removal costs can be reduced by being proactive and eliminating the potential damage before it creates a bigger mess and cleanup (Preventative Removal).
  5. A dead tree can really be an eyesore by not having leaves or doesn’t have bark on its trunk. It is not only unattractive but can also have an impact on your home value.

What is the Cost of Dead Tree Removal?

There is not a blanket cost that covers the removal of any tree. Factors that are considered and are reflected in the cost are the height of the tree, the tree location, trunk diameter, cause of removal (old age or disease), stump removal, and cost of cleanup.

  1. Tree Size – The shorter the tree obviously the lesser the cost will be of removing it. Cost is also determined by the trunk diameter at breast height. Trees with thicker trunks will need to be cut into smaller pieces and can sometimes require more work than the removal of a skinny tall tree.
  2. Accessibility– The work involved removing a tree from the middle of an open flat yard and one that is next to a fence with branches that overhang your roof-line. Instead of letting branches just fall resulting in a damaged roof, each tree branch would be lowered down by rope.
  3. Tree Health – As previously mentioned, a tree that has been affected by disease is structurally weak and presents more of a safety hazard. Additional support is needed to stabilize the tree to prevent uncontrolled movement while working to bring it down safely.
  4. Stump Removal– Many homeowners choose to have the remaining tree stump removed and the roots killed.
  5. Cleanup – You may want the tree left so that you can chop it up yourself for firewood or other uses. Otherwise, most tree removal companies will remove the tree and leftover debris, but this will increase the overall price of tree removal.

The cost of removing hazardous trees before they cause damage will save you money in the future.

Need Help Removing a Dead Tree

There is no need to feel anxious or overwhelmed with the task of removing a dead tree. Save yourself the headache and frustration by contacting Stumps “R” Us, the trusted expert tree removal company in London Ontario.

Tree Services Near Me

Our trained arborist and professional staff can assess the health of your tree and then we can implement a plan of action that best accommodates your needs. Our team will always provide practical advice along with free estimates. You will see firsthand why Stumps “R” Us is Ontario’s trusted source for dead tree removal in London.

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