You probably don’t look forward to the idea of tree removal, because it may add a nice touch to your yard or hold found memories of your kids growing up.  Trees are a big part of our life and the environment, and quite literately allows more oxygen to breathe. Removing a tree because they are unhealthy, and unsafe invariably leads to complete stump removal as well.


Most Homeowners would rather not deal with chainsaws, and moving around a ton of logs, with a large mess to cleanup afterwards. However, if you don’t handle a unhealthy or sick tree in the right way, you’re risking property damage and injury to others that you might get held legally responsible for.


No one wants that, Especially us at Stumps R Us.


Unhealthy Tree Removal at Affordable Prices


Whether you need simple tree cutting services or a complete tree removal, you first need to be able to decide for yourself that you need tree work done. That’s why it’s crucial to understand what to look for in terms of warning signs that your trees are becoming unhealthy and possibly need to come down for good.

A word of warning is appropriate here, though. While you can use these guidelines for a quick inspection of your trees, there is no substitute for professional arborist. Considering how many tree outfits offer free estimates, there’s no sense in you making assumptions about your trees that  everything is fine. When the tree could be quite unhealthy on the inside, dead or not even notice the overhead power lines without a second opinion from a professional expert.


Simple Tips for Identifying Unhealthy Trees


    • Look up to the sky first, power lines are in fact the first thing you want to watch out for! Then you can take this checklist out to your landscaping for potentially unhealthy trees. A lot of tree service work involves the removing of branches so they don’t get tangled into utility wires that start fires or leave your neighbors without electricity.


    • Next look down around the ground at the trunk of the potentially unhealthy trees. Specifically, look for mushrooms. Their presence might indicate ‘heart rot’, which is a condition where a tree decays from the inside. If it’s no longer structurally sound, then you might need a trusted tree removal services, like Stumps R Us. We will provide you with a Free Estimate and evaluation for removal and stump grinding afterward if necessary.


    • Large hollow cavities in your tree might also be a sign that it’s time for tree removal services. Weathering and animal interactions can result in natural cavities, as can many other tree diseases. However, cavities that are too big or too close to the roots or base might leave a tree at risk of being toppled over in the next wind storm.


    • Is your tree looking like the leaning tower of Pisa? Take a moment to step back from your tree and see if it leans too heavily in one particular direction. If it’s angling closer to the surrounding terrain than going up and down, it might be at risk of falling. A tree service company can decide how to take down these wood giants, without harm to anyone. Leaving it up to mother nature and random chance won’t be so kind.


    • You’ve heard the cliche about seeing the forest for the trees, but now you need to see the roots instead of just the tree. Any signs of dead roots may be very hard to identify, and with no support for a large tree, they could fall down can be potential hazardous for your home. This is the hardest trouble area to be identified because often the tree can look normal on the outside but the root system could be failing underground.


    • Termites in trees can cause havoc for your home in a few ways. While most termites prefer dead wood only, when termites infest trees, they consume the inside wood until the tree can no longer stand. This can be dangerous if fallen trees land on your home or in your backyard, and can also result in termites infesting your home next. Its a deadly combination, Dead Tree + Termites = Falling Trees




Do you Have Questions about your Current Trees?


Have a professional tree service remove anything from your tree that might be a problem later on. Ideally, you’ll have a tree service company do this every three years, unless you notice something damaged before then. In the meantime, conduct an occasional tree assessment on your own to see if you need an arborist to come out and handle things for you.


The extreme differences between summer and winter weather in this part of Ontario require trees to be strong and durable. Homeowners that have trees around their home get to enjoy shade and less humidity on warmer days and something beautiful that attracts wildlife all year long. Enough trees can even break a frigid wind up just enough to feel more comfortable when it’s cold.


Professional tree services and arborist experts don’t always show up to take trees down. The right pruning services and care can help your beautiful big plants stay standing longer than you might think possible.


Tree Services Near Me


Still, when the time comes, they should be brought down carefully and quickly before they fall over, and cause damage property. Contact Joe today for the removal of any unhealthy tress without any safety risks or concerns. Professional tree care can create peace of mind for you and your home.

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