Do you live in Middlesex County in a house with a yard full of trees? Then, it’s important that you provide your trees with proper tree maintenance and care. Doing so helps promote environmental and tree health. And, for that, you must invest in professional tree services in Middlesex County when you need them.

Commercial tree services include everything from clearing large areas to complete tree removal. These are essential for ensuring the safety of both your home and your loved ones Trees can keep your yard looking great, provide shade, enhance your property value and even curb appeal. But let’s be honest, tree services are essential for both public safety and your home. Especially after what we seen with down power lines in the recent Ontario Winter Ice Storms.

Keeping trees well kept, not only keeps you out of harms way, but it also helps local power line companies protect the grid. This ensures everyone has power when a serious storm tears through Ontario. Tree Service Companies and Power Companies alike, help the community by following local regulations by keeping limbs and branches away from power lines.

This also helps to preserve the environment and local Eco-systems, by ensuring nothing but healthy trees exist in the ground. What are the most important aspects of tree care, you ask? What’s the true importance of hiring an experienced team of local tree service professionals in the Middlesex County area?

Let’s Keep reading to find out…

Benefits of Hiring Tree Service Professionals

Middlesex County in Southwest Ontario is full of greenery, and the region has strict by-laws to enforce tree care and maintenance. It is, therefore, essential for you to work with a licensed tree care company with a team of arborists and tree professionals. They also use commercial tools and products.

These services are crucial for the health of trees, the aesthetics of your property and the environmental impact, and the safety of others …. even your home!

Here’s the top 6 reasons you need tree care services in Middlesex County:

1) Tree Health and Appearance

It may not be possible for the everyday homeowner to identify if a healthy tree has ailments, or disease hiding inside. It may also be attacked by invasive species of insects. Diseased trees can also infect other trees and cause your entire landscaping to go downhill. Experts can detect the condition of tree health quickly and make the proper recommendations if things are not 100%.

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Often times they can save the tree from becoming a danger to others or near by property. They can also ensure that the tree foliage remains in shape and good growing conditions. That’s why we have the trees in the first place right?

2) Public Safety

A damaged, diseased, and dead tree is unsightly and a safety hazard. An entire tree or its loose branches can fall at any time. This can cause serious damage to passers-by, neighborhood property, or other trees. Hazardous tree assessments help remove dangerous trees before an accident, but it takes an expert to know when a tree has to come down.

3) Property Value

Well-maintained and properly-trimmed trees can make your surroundings more beautiful. And by doing so, they can enhance the curb appeal and significantly raise your property’s value. Tree care providers can ensure that your yard is beautiful enough to attract potential buyers and tenants.

4) Environment Preservation

Trees can purify the air by reducing pollution levels. They can also add sufficient shade to keep out the sun’s harsh rays, besides controlling temperature and rain. Professionally maintained trees can have long and healthy lives. They positively impact the environment for many years.

5) Local Regulations

Middlesex County has some stringent laws in place. And you need to comply with the regulations of your municipality. Professional service providers can help stick to the laws when it comes to tree removal and trimming. Doing so will help you avoid penalties.

6) Emergency Handling

Middlesex County is a windy region with frequent hailstorms, snow storms, torrential rain, and more. During such times, trees and branches may fall and block roads, cause power cuts, and more. Tree service professionals can respond to such emergencies quickly and help remove fallen trees and debris.

Our Tree Services Offered in Middlesex County, Canada

It is evident that professional tree care services in Middlesex County are an essential investment for any property owner (for both residential and commercial!). But what kind of services can you expect from the professionals at Stumps ‘R’ Us?

stump grinding

Here’s a list:

a) Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

Tree trimming and pruning services involve removing branches and limbs. The primary reason is to reshape the canopy and give proper structure to a tree – for aesthetic purposes. But it also ensures that the tree is healthy, without diseased or damaged parts. It also ensures safety and convenience for others.

b) Tree Removal Services

Sometimes, entire trees may need to be uprooted or removed. These are usually dead, unhealthy, damaged, or defaced trees. They attain this condition due to age, pests and diseases, natural calamities, etc. Such weak trees are a safety hazard. Professional tree service provided can remove of such trees from the base.

c) Stump Removal and Grinding Services

A dead or unhealthy tree may break from the middle and fall, leaving the trunk in the ground. Stumps left in the yard may be chemically removed or uprooted using specialized tools. They may also be removed by stump grinding, by using machines with toothed blades to chop away stumps.

d) Tree Planting Services

Planting new trees is more than just placing a sapling in the soil. And that’s where professional arborists can help you. They examine the soil, planting location, environment, etc., before planting. This helps ensure that the trees get the best resources in your yard and can thrive.

e) Tree Health Care Services

Tree health care involves assessing a tree’s overall health, structure, root system, and more. These are prerequisites for proper care. It also needs to be checked for infestations of insects, pests, fungi, and diseases. – and treated as needed. Tree care includes soil analysis to ensure trees receive proper nutrition.

f) Hazard Assessment Services

Even if a tree looks healthy, it might be hiding some disease inside. Your amateur eyes may even fail to recognize a dead tree. Sometimes, trees or their parts are damaged beyond recovery. Professionals assess trees to identify if they are a threat – and recommend removal or trimming as needed.

g) Emergency Services

Fallen trees and broken branches are unsafe and inconvenient. Only professionals can help eliminate the mess that occurs in such situations. They can respond to emergencies involving trees that were effected by storms quickly. They are equipped with braces, chainsaws, grinders, trailers, etc., to move tree parts and debris.

Nest Tree Services in Canada – from Stumps “R” Us!

Stumps “R” Us offers the best Tree Services in Middlesex County, Ontario. Our team of experts understands the sensibilities and environment of this region.

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