If you own a home with a green backyard in Elgin County in Ontario, (also known as Lake Erie Shore), our tree services are highly recommended for you. Doing so will ensure that your trees are in perfect condition. And you won’t need to worry about the dangers associated with tree care, expensive equipment, using the wrong solutions, etc. That’s where Stumps ‘R’ Us steps into the scene – with the best tree service in Elgin County Ontario.
At Stumps ‘R’ Us, you’ll get the best tree services from a team of knowledgeable and experienced tree doctors. They are experts in tree removal, stump grinding, pruning or trimming, etc. You can also employ emergency tree services in storm situations.
Let’s find out how Stumps ‘R’ Us can help you maintain the trees in your Elgin County backyard.

Types of Tree Removal Services

The fantastic team of Stumps ‘R’ Us is equipped to provide a wide range of services that keep your trees in top-notch conditions. Here are the best tree services in Elgin County that we can offer for you!

a) Tree Removal

When a tree is a threat to your property or the neighborhood, it will need to be removed from the yard. It may be required if the tree:

  • has large and loose branches,
  • is in critical condition or already dead
  • is a fire or electrical safety concern
  • obstructs construction or public roads
  • has fallen down due to weakness, rot, decay, storm, etc.,

Signs like loose branches, inconsistent growth and discoloration of the crown, fungi growth, sawdust on the ground around the tree, trees growing too close to the feet of power lines, etc., are all signs that the tree needs to come down. When you see these signs, you may need professional tree removal services.

b) Stump Grinding

A tree may break and fall, leaving the setup in the ground. Sometimes, trees may be cut from the trunk, which also leaves the stump behind. These stumps are not only unsightly but also tripping hazards and need to be removed. And one of the best ways to remove stumps from the ground is by grinding them.

old tree stump in grass

In this case, a machine with a rotating cutting disk chops the wood of the stump into pieces. These are removed from the ground. This method does not involve chemicals or uprooting of the tree, which is safe for the soil. But it requires specialized mechanical tools that can be provided and operated by experts.

c) Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning trees from an early stage of growth will ensure that the tree grows in a shapely manner and looks clean and attractive. Plus, infections and decay can be prevented with regular care and getting rid of unwanted parts because not all trees that are diseased need to be cut down and removed.

Tree service providers know what type of care is required to ensure that a tree grows in a healthy way. Chopping off branches and leaves at the right time can also expose the healthy parts of the tree to more sunlight and air for healthy growth. Plus, it can prevent road or cable obstructions or hazards.

d) Emergency Tree Services

Accidents can happen at any time in your backyard, especially when you have large and ancient trees. Weak, rotten, or dead trees may fall without warning because their critical condition went unidentified. Even a perfectly healthy tree or its branches because of a storm hit, lightning strike, and more.

Loose or broken branches, too, can be safety hazards, and when these fall without warning, it can be a sudden reason for inconvenience and danger for you and everyone around. Hence, tree service providers can safely handle these situations and prevent further damage or accidents with proper measures.

Why Do You Need Tree Services From Stumps ‘R’ Us

Stumps ‘R’ Us are tree service experts providing complete care for your trees, starting from the stage of planting to trimming and pruning. These services also extend to the removal of trees and stumps.


Meet the team.

But why should you opt for tree services? The obvious reason is to maintain and improve the look and feel of the yard and improve curb appeal. But there’s more to professional tree services than just beauty.

Tree experts are aware of different trees growing in various locations and are trained to provide the right kind of care. They are also equipped with the right equipment. Thus, their services are essential for the following –

  1. Appropriate detection of the health condition of a diseased tree;
  2. Identification of hidden tree problems like rotten branches or decaying trees;
  3. Determination of the right course of treatment or action for sick or dangerous;
  4. Recognization of which branches to trim or cut and how much to prevent hazards;
  5. Perfect tree pruning results with the right professional tools and chemicals;
  6. Soil health maintenance with the help of consistent monitoring;
  7. Prevention of insects and diseases from spreading;
  8. Control over electricity arcing from power lines to trees during a lightning strike;
  9. Effective tree from the backyard after it has fallen or if it is a treat to the property;
  10. Proper stump removal from the ground using top-not solutions, etc.

With the dynamic team of tree experts at Stumps ‘R’ Us by your side, you don’t have to worry about spending your time trying to take care of your trees and not achieving the results you want. You also won’t need to face dangerous situations, either, while your home and yard become beautiful and safe.

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