Looking for expert tree services in Arva Ontario? The moment you plant a tree sapling is when you must start paying attention to its growth and care. From time to time, your yard may need professional tree care to continue grooming your landscape. It is easy to find tree service professionals if you live in Arva Ontario, thanks to Stumps ‘R’ Us, to ensure the healthy growth of your trees.

If you live in the farming community of Middlesex Centre, you know there are tons of trees and woodland areas that can become bothersome. If you are in a jam, and need some help, you can get efficient tree care services, Stumps ‘R’ Us. The efficient team of tree surgeons can provide tree removal, stump grinding, and yard cleaning. Thus, you get experts taking care of your yard to create a healthy ambience for your beloved trees to grow and flourish.

Find out how Stumps ‘R’ Us can help you with efficient tree removal and other aspects of tree services.

Why Tree Care is Required in Arva Ontario

In a region like Arva, the weather conditions can change drastically as you move from summer to winter. Such vast changes can hamper the health conditions of the trees during the season of harsh sunbeams, humidity, heavy rain, storm, hail, or snow.

While wet or humid weather can cause fungus or common tree pests, trees can become uprooted with moist soil.  Storms can break weak or long limbs or push entire trees over, while snow can put pressure on them. And drastic weather changes within a short span don’t allow them to adapt.

Thus, your trees need special care in the hands of professional arborists. They can provide proper advice regarding branch or full tree trimming, stump removal, etc., to keep the greenery in your yard intact. That’s why you need the help of a strong professional tree team – like the one provided by Stumps ‘R’ Us.

Why You Should Choose Professional Tree Care

If you have some basic idea about gardening or tree care, you may think that you should be able to take care of your yard all by yourself. Then, why should you consider professionals like Stumps ‘R” Us? The major reasons are as follows –

a) Safety & Quality of Service

Throughout the year, changing seasons can lead to some major safety concerns. Heavy broken branches hanging low, tree limbs near commercial buildings and power cables, fallen trees, etc., are too dangerous to handle alone. Only a professional equipped with high-end tools and products can get the job done safely.

b) Tree Health Assessments

Only tree arborists can diagnose the health condition of a tree. They can tell if a healthy-looking tree has developed a contagious infection or if an old tree is dead inside and can’t be recovered. There’s a lot more that you can’t tell – and their inputs are essential for the health of individual trees and the whole yard.

c) Landscaping Aesthetics

Professional tree services include the beautification of trees to improve the look of the garden and improve the curb appeal of any property. While trees have the capability to make their surroundings stunning, unkempt trees and branches are unsafe and ugly. Professionals will know how to take care of it.

A licensed and insured arborist or tree service provider can make tree care safe. They can also keep your plants and their surroundings healthy and beautiful. They’ll also give you sound advice regarding what to do next if a tree falls on your property.

Why Choose Stumps ‘R’ Us

At Stumps ‘R’ Us, you will get comprehensive solutions for your tree problems from a team of professional consultants. The experts keep their eyes out for the possibility of damage to adjacent properties. They can also make your yard attractive – besides providing excellent advice about tree care.

Stumps ‘R’ Us provides the following tree services in Arva:

a) Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree stumps are ugly, potentially dangerous, and wasteful. Its removal requires appropriate tools to grind the stumps with deep roots – and remove the mulch from the site. Our team will clean the site as part of our tree services in Arva and will be careful not to damage your home or property. No stump is too wide, and no yard space is too small for the team!

b) Dangerous Tree Takedown

Sometimes, a tree you’ve taken care of for years needs to be removed partially or entirely. It might be dead, sick, damaged, or weak before it hurts nearby homes, offices, campers, and more. The team of Stumps ‘R’ Us can use its expertise and prevent tree injury or destruction of wires, connections, or pipes.

c) Tree Removal

A fallen tree or the broken limbs of a tree is a catastrophic tree failure that can cause inconvenience – and even dangerous situations. However, you cannot always prevent such a situation. At Stumps ‘R’ Us, you will get cleanup services from a team experienced at removing fallen trees, stumps, and branches.

d) Emergency Storm Cleanup

All of Ontario is prone to massive winds and storms, with 40-70 severe events every year. During this time, trees, especially the weak or dead ones, can be felled – and their branches can be broken. Stumps ‘R’ Us is experienced at removing such trees and their parts – while taking care of possibly dangerous situations.

From assessment of tree risks to managing different aspects of tree maintenance, cutting, and removal – Stumps ‘R’ Us offers a wide range of services.


a) Is Stumps ‘R’ Us expensive?

If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality tree care services like stump grinding and removal, tree takedown, etc., Stumps ‘R’ Us is an excellent choice. Prices vary from one service to the other, but estimates are starting at $60, making us an very affordable option for tree services in Arva.

b) What equipment does Stumps ‘R’ Us use?

Stumps ‘R’ Us takes pride in providing high-quality tree services. And one of the keep strengths of the establishment is the tools it uses. Its stump grinders include Endura Stump Grinder, Vermeer SC252, and Rayco RG 27 Super Junior – besides advanced chippers, boom trucks, and lifts.



Contact Stumps ‘R’ Us

Professional tree services in Arva can help your yard stay beautiful and keep your trees healthy longer, without risk of having them damage your property, commercial building or agricultural equipment barns.


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Still, when the time comes, they should be brought down carefully and quickly before they fall over, and cause serious damage. Contact Joe today for the removal of any unhealthy tress without any safety risks or concerns. We offer professional tree care can create peace of mind for you and your home.

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