Caring for the trees in your yard is a key part of a property’s upkeep. Trees require pruning, fertilizing and other services over the years. You may even have neglected tree stumps in the yard that are causing a nuisance. Before you hire a tree service company, take a look at the top 5 things to ask an arborist before starting the job.


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1. Do You Work According to Local or National Standards?


Every tree species requires a unique care strategy, which means that any tree work must be approached with care. Ask your professional tree care associate about the standards that he or she follows. These standards might include how tall certain trees should be or how to remove certain types of stumps.


Tree trimming might also be limited to specific time frames, such as spring or summer. A reputable tree service company will know when to trim your species so that vigorous growth soon follows. It’s possible to trim certain trees at the wrong time of year, and they end up with stunted growth. By asking the professionals about their experience and adherence to standards will help guide your hiring decision.


2. Are You Fully Insured and Certified?


Any type of tree care has some level of danger to it, from power lines to tall heights. Definitely ask about insurance coverage. If a worker becomes injured on your property during the job, you may be liable from a legal standpoint without insurance on their part. The professional tree care company should cover any costs associated with an injury.


Ask about certification too. An updated certification means that an arborist knows the latest information about trimming, maintenance and local laws. It’s not absolutely necessary to complete the job, but certification translates into a responsible arborist who may have better ideas about your landscaping than another person. Hiring the best in the business is often the goal when it comes to safe and effective tree trimming.


3. Which Equipment Types do You Use?


Arborists use a variety of tools to access parts of your trees. Ask about the equipment necessary to complete your tree work. Extremely tall trees might demand an aerial lift, which requires space on or around your property for the base. If there are power lines near your trees, these lifts may need to work around those too.


Tree care can also involve arborists who simply climb the tree. They’ll wear specialized harnesses and other accessories to safely complete the work. When you know the equipment type to be used on your trees, you can anticipate any preparation that must take place before the big day. Aerial lifts, for example, can require you to move cars and other items to fit them into the space.


4. Do You Provide a Written Contract?


Professional tree removal services will always offer a written estimate and contract. Ask about this feature before the company even arrives at your property. You always want everything in writing so that there’s no confusion about included services or charges. It’s entirely up to the company if they want to provide free estimates. This offer is normally a courtesy for homeowners so that you’ll feel obliged to hire the arborist. Regardless of the estimate’s cost or lack thereof, read over the written contract before agreeing to the work. Negotiating on costs or services is part of the business.


5. Is Cleanup Part of the Service?


You may be thrilled about free estimates and reasonable rates from a specific arborist, but be sure to ask about one particular detail. Ask if cleanup is part of the contract. Some tree removal services add this task onto their contracts as an extra charge. Be aware if the cleanup is part of the main labor or added onto the quoted amount. This charge can be substantial depending on the size of the tree removal job.


Ideally, ask for a list of all potential charges so that you can know the final amount for the project. Most homeowners don’t want to clean up after tree trimming or stump removal because it includes heavy lifting and a lot of waste volume. Always make sure cleanup is in your contract.



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Improving your property with a stump removal or pruning project will only increase its value and overall beauty. Each tree species deserves a tree arborist who’ll care for it just as nature intended.


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