There’s nothing as satisfying as seeing the young saplings you planted grow into lush full trees. However, it may take a long time for some trees to grow. So, if you don’t wait for years before they can provide shade or make your backyard London landscaping beautiful, you must find the fastest-growing trees.

In London, Ontario, there are trees that take less time to flourish. Red maple, silver maple, etc., grow at a rapid pace of up to 24″ per year – or even more, depending on the variety and the conditions in which they grow.

Read on to learn about these tree species and their annual growth rate.

Climate and Vegetation of London Ont.

London is located in southwestern Ontario – with marshlands and fertile farmlands. The climate here is rather extreme. Summers are warm and cloudy – and can even become hot and humid. Winters, however, are frigid, snowy, and windy. Unfortunately frosty weather and the number of daylight hours served up in London has impacted the health of trees this year in 2022.

The trees that grow best here are consistent with the natural vegetation in southern Ontario, i.e., hardwood forests with red and white pines. All vegetation communities like marshes, swamps, prairies, etc., are also noted, though rarely, in this region.

Best Trees For The London, Ontario, and Its Surrounding Regions

We’ve crated a list of our favorite fast-growing trees, all native species, to plant in your backyard in London and its neighboring regions in Ontario. Let’s take a look at the list:

1. Red Maple (Native)

Growth Rate – 13″-24″ Per Year

The red maple is a popular deciduous tree that produces red flowers, fruits, twigs, and foliage. The leaves also take shades of bright yellow and orange, creating an iconic appearance. This shade tree grows abundantly in varied conditions.

Red Maple Tree London

It has adaptable roots that can grow in various elevations. This tree also knows how to make the best use of available resources. It grows well in dry and wet soil types, though it’s advised not to grow this tree in alkaline soil.

In wet soil, the tree develops a short taproot with long lateral roots to soak water near the surface. When planted in dry soil, the taproot becomes long, and the lateral roots are shorter. But moist and acidic soils are the best.

2. Silver Maple (Native)

Growth Rate – Over 24″ Per Year

Silver maple is a popular tree because of the swiftness of its growth. It gets its name from the green leaves with a shimmery silver-white underside during summer and spring. But in fall, the leaves become yellow.

Silver Maple Tree London

This maple tree can thrive in various soil types. But it prefers acidic and moist soils. It can tolerate moderate levels of flooding and drought. Interestingly, its seeds are the largest among native maples and grow in late spring.

Silver maple’s wide-spreading root system is vigorous, allowing it to grow anywhere from sidewalks to sewer lines. It needs full sun, i.e., direct sunlight for at least four hours every day, and thrives well when given partial shade.

3. Green Pillar Pin Oak (Native)

Growth Rate – Over 24″ Per Year

Green Pillar Pin Oak is yet another fast-growing tree for the backyard. In the early stages of maturity, it attains a pyramidal shape, but it becomes oval when it matures further. The tree canopy can provide dense shade, making it great for backyards.

Green Pillar Oak London

For the best growth rates, it should get six hours of direct sunlight. Its dark green lobed leaves are glossy – and they assume shades of bronze, red, or russet in fall. This tree grows best in any rich soil of acidic nature and cannot tackle alkaline soils.

The soil needs to be loamy, sandy, or clayey. Well-drained soil is recommended for this tree, and it can handle wet weather conditions, including light flooding. What’s interesting is that its acorns serve as food for many birds and rodents.

4. Canadian Hemlock (Native)

Growth Rate – 12″-24″ Per Year

Canadian hemlock is a beautiful evergreen tree that grows at a medium pace and adds grace to any backyard. You can shear the tree to a height and shape of your choice – but you must give it full sun for 6-8 hours – and partial shade.

Canadian Hemlock

To speed up the development rate of this medium grower, you must avoid heavy soils completely. The tree cannot tolerate drought or windy sites, and it takes well to moist soil. The tree grows well if the soil is sandy, loamy, and well-drained.

The plant produces soft and feathery needles that release a beautiful aroma when pressed and crushed. Remember that Canadian hemlock is unrelated to poisonous variants like wild hemlock or water hemlock. Canadian hemlock is completely non-toxic.

5. Sycamore Tree (Native)

Growth Rate – Over 24″ Per Year

Sycamore is the last name on our list of fast-growing trees for your backyard in London. In the early stages of growth, this tree has an upright pyramidal shape. But as it matures, the crown becomes more rounded or oval, with irregularly spreading branches.

Sycamore tree London

The tree has an aggressive root system that thrives well in both acidic and alkaline soils. You can grow in rich, wet, and well-drained soils with loamy, sandy, and clayey features. The tree can tolerate moderate levels of drought – but only when well-established.

The thick trunk has an ashy white bark, and it begins to peel off, revealing clothes of brown, tan, and white. The leaves are large and leathery and produce a dark green crown. The flowers of this ornamental tree are also green, and they bloom in spring.

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