Enhance your home and your landscaping with these 10 Tips for Complete Tree Care! A beautiful yard surrounding your home starts with many types of healthy plants, flowering shrubs, and trees. Taking complete care of your landscape involves routine maintenance for it to thrive in all kinds of conditions. Trees growing on your property help provide an ecological environment for wildlife and life-giving oxygen for us. They increase the value of your home and surroundings.


There are a variety of things you can do to increase the health and beauty of trees growing on your property. Tree trimming and watering trees will help stop them from becoming diseased trees. Here we offer various tips for you to keep in mind when caring for the trees in your yard. If you are looking for stump grinding in St. Thomas you can find our contact right from our home page.


Select The Right Trees To Plant


Make sure you plant trees recommended for your area. A common mistake some homeowners make is choosing those that won’t grow well in their climate. The wrong trees planted in your area can become diseased trees later. A great place to select them is your neighborhood home department store. Your county agricultural commissioner can give you information on this.


Learn About Watering Trees


Drought conditions can put a healthy tree under stress. Water is essential for all life to survive. Always water trees around the base of the trunk to keep them from becoming diseased. Mature trees need to be watered about two or three feet deep. Small trees that were recently planted will need to be watered about a foot deep until they become established.


Applying too much water can hurt healthy trees. It might be a good idea to keep a log on what maintenance you do to the trees and landscape surrounding your home. It can help you when you work outside doing yard maintenance.


Prune Trees Regularly


Trees need to be pruned during late fall every year. Tree trimming done correctly helps to protect the tree. Branches growing across each other will need the smallest one removed to allow the larger one room to grow. Dead branches need to be cut away from the tree to keep it healthy. Fallen limbs should be removed from the tree. Lower branches can be removed from the tree to shape up the tree. If you think a tree is in danger of falling in your yard, you should call a tree service company to come have a look, to assess what to do about the situation.


Keep The Soil Healthy Around Trees


Trees in the forest do well because they grow in a natural environment. Organic matter decaying over years under a continued layer of leaves provides nutrients with water for forest trees to survive. You can mimic that same environment at home by maintaining the soil around trees. This protects the tree from damage.


Tree Care For Residential Homes


Using wood chips and natural mulch you can make at home from a compost pile will help fertilize around the base of the trunk of trees. Wood chips are available by the bag at local home improvement stores. Both will help keep water and nutrients available to the tree’s survival.


Keep Tree Trunks Free From Obstructions


Try to keep the areas directly around the base free from anything that can damage the bark on the tree. The bark is a natural protective shield that helps keep the tree from becoming diseased. An area around two to three feet wide in diameter will be sufficient for the tree.


Protect the Tree Roots


Heavy objects should never be parked under trees. Things like cars and heavy machinery can compact the grounds. It can crush or injure roots that will eventually make a healthy tree sick. Contaminants leaking from vehicles can saturate the ground leading to you having diseased trees on your property.


Remove Any Disease Trees From The Area Quickly!


You should cut any trees down or have them removed by professionals when you think they are diseased. They can cause other trees in the surrounding area to become sick with the same type of disease. Any tree that is old or dying should be taken down to avoid the chances of it falling to cause injury to others. If you are searching for a trusted company for tree removal in St. Thomas you can reach out to us by the number listed in the link.


Pest Control


Insect damage can cause serious problems to trees. Applying an insect control formula once a year can quickly persuade pests to find another area to invade. It protects the tree from having rot and leaf damage due to pests.


Don’t Fertilize Unless The Tree Needs It


Applying fertilizer to a healthy tree isn’t required. Large trees collect enough water and nutrients from the ground that they grow around provided that area is taken care of by the property owner. Young trees recently planted will require fertilization until they become established in the ground.


Follow Instructions When Planting New Trees


New trees planted on the property will have tags on them recommending how to take care of them until they become established. It will explain how deep to plant the tree. You can also read this tree planting guide It will also explain how to stake the tree to make sure it grows in an upright position. The tags will list how often to water or fertilize the new tree. Make sure to follow those directions for a tree that will become beautiful over the years to come.


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