Trees are important to our environment. Trees create some beauty for your commercial property and absorb carbon dioxide and, in turn, replenish the atmosphere with life giving oxygen. They contribute to the safety of land animals, keep our environment fresh, prevent floods, soil erosion, and many unwanted climatic disasters.

Trees keep the air cool and the environment healthy, so why not take care of them properly?

Stumps “R” us your tree specialists can assist in trimming, cutting, and even tree removal if necessary. As the trusted tree care professionals in your area we can ensure you have healthy trees for as long as you own your Business.

Why hire us as your tree care experts? Here is what you need to know about our commercial tree care services and how beautiful trees can help property managers and business owners alike.


Safety First

Taking down a dangerous tree require a qualified arborist for safety purposes first and foremost. Certified arborists will have the knowledge on how to tackle large jobs without putting anyone in harms way. Different seasons bring different kinds of growth to your trees and a tree might get overgrown or get tangled up in some powerlines. Always use a tree removal service that is both insured and qualified to do the work. Tree safety risks are a common concern among commercial customers and for good reason.


Tree growth can cause branches to obstruct sidewalks, and hence, they can be dangerous for walkers, customers, and pets. A professional tree care service can be quite helpful in these situations. They climb up and cut down the extra bowed branches with their pro equipment. Having a comprehensive tree removal plan or strategy for proper tree care is key for keeping your patrons safe. Be sure to choose a reputable tree service company, here’s how.


Tree Health

Just like humans, appropriate tree health is also mandatory to flourish and grow. A quality tree service will know all about tree health issues such as leaf diseases and insects to watch out for, among other elements. Your professional tree service expert will gradually solve your tree health issues and offer the right range of tree care.


Adding Beauty to your Commercial Landscaping

Another most essential thing Stumps “R” Us will look after is that they will make your yard look beautiful and elegant with a combination of various trees. A professional tree care company can assist in ongoing training are well aware of the variety of trees likely to grow at a specific place or nearest city. They deal with the attention to trees and make the best out of all your greenery.


Services offered by Commercial Tree Care Experts

Commercial tree experts offer many services which can include getting a tree removal permit and knowing the science of tree care. If you are a commercial business owner currently having some tree issues or have started researching tree companies, call us the tree care service experts. We can help you with affordable tree care options such as:


Tree cutting services/ tree protection services

During construction, tree refining services and tree protection services are also amongst the services offered by professional and commercial tree care experts. They make sure that no harm is done to the trees during heavy construction projects. In addition to this, they also provide tree cutting services that are beneficial during the installation of new additions to the commercial space as trees can often hinder the installation process.

Sometimes complete tree removal and stump grinding is also necessary to ensure the site’s safety. After the removal of the tree, the stump can decay if left un-removed, and the decayed stump can be a home to many pests. Hence, stump removal and stump grinding after tree removal are the most appropriate to secure a site from a potential tripping hazard.


Commercial Tree Pruning & Trimming services

Commercial tree care & maintenance can include the trimming and pruning of your trees. This is one of the most overlooked services for commercial tree maintenance work. Tree pruning promotes healthy growth and foliage. In addition to this, Tree trimming will also keep the trees shape and help take some branches off trees to keep them from sticking out like a sore thumb.


Tree Disease treatment

Commercial tree care projects can include disease treatment. Clients trees are also subjected to diseases such as fungal diseases. The aim and primary way to treat these diseases is by making the right and perfect diagnosis. Tree doctors can make the right observation and offer the perfect treatment for common trees making it healthy again.


Call the Trusted Commercial Tree Service Today

We offer commercial property owners the best in maintenance services and advanced skills for any tree work that needs to be preformed. Stumps “R” Us is a reliable service with many years of trusted professional care for our clients.

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